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74:1  O you the one wrapped in cloak.
74:2  Rise up and warn.
74:3  And your Lord! Do proclaim His greatness.
74:4  And your garment, keep it clean.
74:5  And the abominations, do forsake.
74:6  And do not boast about your gifts in order to seek aggrandizement for yourself.
74:7  And for your Lord, be patient.
74:8  But when the trumpet will sound.
74:9  Then that day indeed is a most difficult day.
74:10  For disbelievers it is not easy at all.
74:11  Leave me alone with such one whom I have created all alone.
74:12  And I provided him with extensive wealth.
74:13  And with sons all in his presence.
74:14  And I have paved his way [in life] with a nicely paving.
74:15  But yet he greedily desires that I increase.
74:16  Not at all! He truly goes wayward to Our signs.
74:17  Soon I will compel him to endure a mounting ordeal.
74:18  Truly he reflected and he calculated.
74:19  And accursed be he how he calculated.
74:20  And then again accursed be he how he calculated.
74:21  Then he peered.
74:22  Then he frowned and he scowled.
74:23  Then he turned back and he grew arrogant.
74:24  Then he said, “This is nothing but magic inherited from the past.
74:25  It is nothing but word of mortal humans. ”
74:26  And soon I will make him burn into a fire that cuts to pieces.
74:27  And what do you know about what Saqar [a fire that cuts to pieces] is?
74:28  It does not allow anything to remain nor anything to be left.
74:29  It chars the skin of man.
74:30  In charge of it are nineteen.
74:31  We have not made the guardians of the fire except angels and We have not made their number except as a trial for those who disbelieve so that those who are given the book may arrive at certitude and those who have faith may increase in faith and so that those who are given the book would not doubt and so would the believers and so that those who have sickness in their heart and the disbelievers may say, “What did Allah intend by this as a similitude?” Thus Allah causes to go astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases and none knows with certainty the hosts of your Lord except He and it is but a reminder for the human.
74:32  Not at all! By the moon.
74:33  And by the night when it had departed.
74:34  And by the morn when it has shone forth.
74:35  This indeed truly is one of the great signs.
74:36  A warning for the humans.
74:37  For whomsoever among you who wishes to go forward or backward.
74:38  Every soul is impounded by that which it has earned.
74:39  Except the people of the right hand;
74:40  in gardens asking one another
74:41  about the evildoers,
74:42  “What made you enter into Saqar [a fire that cuts into pieces]?”
74:43  They said, “We were not among those who were dutiful in their prayers
74:44  and we were not of those who fed the needy ones
74:45  and we used to wade with the waders
74:46  and we used to belie the day of the recompense
74:47  until the certitude [death] came upon us.”
74:48  Then intercession of the interceders will not benefit them.
74:49  So what was the matter with them that they used to turn away from the remembrance.
74:50  As though they were routed wild donkeys.
74:51  In flight from a lion.
74:52  Nay! Each person among them wants to be given a book which is set in detail.
74:53  Not at all! Nay they fear not the hereafter.
74:54  Not at all! It indeed is a reminder.
74:55  So let him who pleases keep it in remembrance.
74:56  But they will not keep it in remembrance except if Allah pleases. He is the Owner of the reverence and He is the Master of the forgiveness.