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74:1  O you, Cloaked.
74:2  Arise and warn.
74:3  And magnify your Lord.
74:4  And purify your garments.
74:5  And shun uncleanliness.
74:6  Don’t bestow favors to acquire more.
74:7  And for your Lord’s sake, be patient.
74:8  When the Trumpet is blown.
74:9  That Day will be a difficult day.
74:10  Not easy for the disbelievers.
74:11  Leave Me to deal with the one I created alone.
74:12  And gave him vast wealth.
74:13  And children as witnesses.
74:14  And I eased his circumstances.
74:15  Then he desires that I should add more.
74:16  Indeed, no! He was stubborn towards Our revelations.
74:17  I will impose on him a steep uphill climb.
74:18  He thought and decided.
74:19  May he be destroyed, how he decided!
74:20  Then may he be destroyed, how he decided!
74:21  Then he looked.
74:22  Then he frowned and grimaced.
74:23  Then he turned his back and swelled with pride.
74:24  He said, “This is nothing but magic inherited from antiquity.
74:25  This is nothing but the word of a human.”
74:26  I will cast him into Saqar.
74:27  But what will make you understand what Saqar is?
74:28  It spares nothing, and it leaves nothing.
74:29  It blisters the skins.
74:30  Over it are nineteen.
74:31  We appointed angels as wardens of the Fire, and We set their number as a trial for the unbelievers, to reassure those who were given the Scripture, to strengthen the faith of the believers, and to remove any doubts from those who were given the Scripture and the believers. Those whose hearts harbor disease and the unbelievers will ask, “What does God intend by this parable?” Thus, God misguides whom He wills and guides whom He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except Him. This is but a reminder for humankind.
74:32  Absolutely! By the moon.
74:33  And by the night, as it recedes.
74:34  And by the dawn, as it breathes.
74:35  It is one of the greatest.
74:36  A warning to humans.
74:37  For whoever among you wishes to advance or lag behind.
74:38  Every soul is held hostage by its deeds.
74:39  Except those on the Right.
74:40  In Gardens, they are asking one another.
74:41  About the criminals.
74:42  “What led you to Saqar?”
74:43  They will reply, “We weren’t among those who prayed.
74:44  Nor did we feed the needy.
74:45  And we used to indulge with those who indulged.
74:46  And we used to deny the Day of Recompense.
74:47  Until certainty came upon us.”
74:48  The intercession of the intercessors won’t benefit them.
74:49  So, why are they turning away from the Reminder?
74:50  As if they were startled donkeys.
74:51  Fleeing from a lion.
74:52  Does each one of them wish to be handed out widespread pages?
74:53  Indeed, they don’t fear the Hereafter.
74:54  Surely, it’s a reminder.
74:55  So whoever wills may remember it.
74:56  Yet, they won’t remember, unless God so wills. He is the source of righteousness, and the source of forgiveness.