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74:1  O you The Enrobed (in the mantle).
74:2  Stand, so warn.
74:3  And so aggrandize your Lord.
74:4  And so purify your clothes.
74:5  And so abandon the abominations.
74:6  And do not confer favor, you will multiply more.
74:7  And for your Lord, so be patient.
74:8  So, when it is horned in the Horn.
74:9  So, that Day will be a difficult day.
74:10  For the infidels, not easy.
74:11  Forsake Me and whom I created alone.
74:12  And I set up an extended money for him.
74:13  And children, witnesses.
74:14  And I prepared for him, a preparation.
74:15  Then he covets that I will increase!
74:16  Nay! Surely, he was for Our verses, stubborn.
74:17  I will overstrain him, escalatory.
74:18  Surely, he thought and estimated.
74:19  So, being killed, how he estimated.
74:20  Then: being killed, how he estimated.
74:21  Then he looked.
74:22  Then he frowned and scowled.
74:23  Then he turned back and arrogated.
74:24  So he said, “Surely this is none except magic, which was imitated.
74:25  This is nothing except a humankind's saying.”
74:26  I will heat him in Saqar.
74:27  And what cognizes you, what is Saqar?
74:28  It neither remains, nor forsakes.
74:29  It is scorching for humankind.
74:30  Over it is Nineteen.
74:31  And We did not set up the fire’s companions except angels, and We did not set up their number except an infatuation for those who disbelieved; to be certain those who were given the Book; and those who believed may increase in faith; and those given the Book and the believers do not doubt; and those in whose cores is a disease and the infidels will say, “What did Allah wanted with this as example?” Thus, Allah strays whoever He wills, and guides whoever He wills. And none knows your Lord’s troops except Him. And this is none except a reminder for humankind.
74:32  Nay! By the moon.
74:33  And by the night if departed.
74:34  And by the morning if brightened.
74:35  It is surely one of the grandest.
74:36  A warning for humankind.
74:37  To whomever among you wishes to advance, or delay.
74:38  Every soul with what it has earned, a hostage.
74:39  Except for the Right companions.
74:40  In Paradises, they question.
74:41  About the Criminals.
74:42  “What inserts you in Saqar?”
74:43  They said, “We were not among those who prayed.
74:44  Nor did we feed the needy person.
74:45  And we were discoursed, with the discoursing ones.
74:46  And we falsified The Religion Day (Debt).
74:47  Until certainty comes to us.”
74:48  So it has not benefited them, the intercession of intercessors.
74:49  So why are they about the Reminder, turning away?
74:50  As if they were panicked donkeys.
74:51  Fled from a lion?
74:52  Nay, but every person among them wants to be given propagated scrolls.
74:53  No, but surely! they do not fear the Hereafter.
74:54  No, but surely it is a reminder.
74:55  So whoever wills, shall remember it.
74:56  And they will not remember, except that Allah wills. He is The Piety Worthy, and The Forgiveness Worthy.