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74:1  O you Al-Muddassir
74:2  Take a stand, then warn (your people)
74:3  And your Nourisher-Sustainer: so glorify and magnify (Him by establishing the proper status to Allah and His Al-Kitab)
74:4  And your garments: so cleanse (them
74:5  And uncleanliness: so avoid (that)
74:6  And bestow not favours (on some one with expectations that) you get extra (reward in return)
74:7  And regarding (the Code of life prescribed by) your Nourisher-Sustainer: so be steadfast
74:8  Then when is blown in the trumpet
74:9  Then that, this Day is a distressful day —
74:10  for the disbelievers, not (at all) an easy one
74:11  Leave Me and that whom I created as one individual
74:12  and sanctioned for him extended provision
74:13  and sons ever present
74:14  and set for him abode in the form of a fine, luxurious resting place
74:15  after (all this) he desires that I may (still) increase (his status and possessions)
74:16  By no means! Surely he had been, regarding Ayaatina a stubborn opponent
74:17  Soon I subject him to an overwhelming hardship
74:18  Surely, he thought over and assessed (a plan against Al-Kitab)
74:19  So, he has been condemned. How he assessed (and plotted)
74:20  Again, he has been destroyed.How he assessed (and plotted)
74:21  Then he looked (all around to create a psychological atmosphere through his expressions)
74:22  Then he frowned and scowled
74:23  Then he took an about-turn and behaved disdainfully
74:24  Then he said: “It is nothing but magic being accepted (since times gone-by)
74:25  It is nothing but a statement of a human being.”
74:26  Soon I cast him in Saqar (Hell-Fire)
74:27  And what made you realise what (is meant by) Saqar
74:28  It spares not (any condemned person), and nor leaves (him unburnt)
74:29  one that completely burns and dissolves the skin of a human being
74:30  Over it (are) nineteen
74:31  And We did not appoint the guardians of the Fire but angels; and We did not fix their number (which is 19) except as a test for the people who have disbelieved — in order that those who have been given Al-Kitab may develop certainty in Faith; and may increase Faith-wise those who have Believed; and may not harbour doubts and suspicions (in Al-Kitab) those who are given Al-Kitab and those who have already become Believers; and so that those in whose hearts is sickness and the disbelievers may comment: “What is that which Allah intended with the help of this example?” Thus Allah lets one go astray whom He thinks proper and gives guidance whom He thinks proper. And does not comprehend the forces of your Nourisher-Sustainer except He (Himself,). And this is not but zikrah (reminder) for man
74:32  Nay! The moon is a witness
74:33  The night is a witness when it retreated
74:34  Dawn is a witness when it brightened
74:35  Surely this (phenomenon of Revelation) is indeed one of the major (events) —
74:36  a warning for man —
74:37  for that of you who desired that he should advance or he should hang back and await
74:38  Every Nafs because of what she earned (remains) mortgaged
74:39  except companions of the right (side)
74:40  In Gardens — they will ask questions to one another —
74:41  unto the sinners
74:42  “What has caused you to enter Saqar?”
74:43  They said : “We were not of those who offer Prayers regularly
74:44  and we used not to feed the indigent
74:45  and we used to talk uselessly alongwith those who indulge in senseless talhead of state
74:46  and we used to deny the Day of Judgment
74:47  until there came to us the Certainty (i.e., the moment of death).”
74:48  So, would not benefit them the intercession of the intercessors
74:49  Then what (is wrong) with them — from At-Tazkirah (‘The Admonition’.) they are those who remain at a distance
74:50  As if they (are) frightened donkey
74:51  who have fled (out of fear) from a group of lions
74:52  Nay! Every man of them desires that he may be given Suhuf (booklets) Munashsharah (spread out)
74:53  By no means! Nay, they are not mindful of the Hereafter
74:54  By no means (it benefits them)! Surely this is Tazkirah
74:55  So whosoever desired he reminded it (to himself and to others)
74:56  They will not remind (their ownselves or others) except that Allah desires (this). He (Alone is) worthy of (receiving) obedience and worthy for (granting) Forgiveness