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87:1  Glorify the name of your Lord, the most High
87:2  The One Who created (everything), then (fashioned and) set everything right
87:3  Assigned (everything its) nature, then guided it along
87:4  The One Who produces the fodder
87:5  Then turns it into the decaying scum
87:6  (Oh prophet)! We would enable you to recite (the Qur´an). Then, you will not forget (anything)
87:7  Except whatever Allah wills. Indeed, He knows the apparent, as well as the concealed
87:8  And We will make it easy for you (to adopt) the easy way
87:9  So remind (men), for reminder surely helps
87:10  The one who fears, will surely heed
87:11  And the wretched will stay aloof
87:12  And then he will roast in the mammoth fire
87:13  Where he shall never die; nor be alive
87:14  Successful has been the one who purified himself
87:15  And, remembered the name of his Lord and performed the ´salat´
87:16  No! In fact, (most of) you prefer the life of this world
87:17  Although the hereafter _ (the life-to-come) _ is far superior and more enduring
87:18  Certainly, this (is what) was (written) in the earlier scriptures
87:19  The scriptures of Ibraheem and Musa