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86:1  (I swear) by the sky, and the night star
86:2  And how would you know what the night star is
86:3  (It is) a bright star
86:4  There is no soul without a guardian over it
86:5  Let man look at (and bear in mind) the substance he is created from
86:6  (He is) created from the surging fluid
86:7  Which springs from between the spine and the ribs
86:8  Indeed, He is (certainly) capable of bringing man back to life
86:9  That day, (all) secrets would be laid bare
86:10  (That day), man shall not have any strength, nor any helpers
86:11  (I swear) by the sky that repeatedly sends rain down
86:12  And by the earth that splits (and lets plants emerge)
86:13  Indeed, this Qur´an is the statement that sifts (right from wrong)
86:14  It is not an idle tale
86:15  They are hatching a nefarious plot
86:16  But I, too, shall devise a scheme
86:17  So give the unbelievers a little respite. Deal with them gently for a while