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88:1  Has the news of that overwhelming (calamity) reached you
88:2  (Many) faces that day would be (panic struck and) down cast
88:3  Weary and toiling
88:4  Burning in the scorching fire
88:5  Made to drink from the boiling spring
88:6  And having nothing to eat, except (the bitter thorny) cactus
88:7  Not enough to nourish or curb the hunger
88:8  (Other) faces that day would be happy (and blissful)
88:9  Well pleased with (the outcome of) their efforts
88:10  In the exalted paradise
88:11  There, they shall hear nothing vile or foolish
88:12  In paradise, there are gushing springs
88:13  And elevated thrones
88:14  And carved (exotic) goblets
88:15  And cushions set in rows
88:16  And spread out (lush rich) carpet
88:17  Do they not look at the camel (and wonder)? How (superbly) is it created
88:18  And at the sky; how (high) is it raised
88:19  And at the mountains; how (firmly) are they planted
88:20  And at the earth; how (wide) is it spread out
88:21  So, (continue to) remind (them). Indeed, you are (a messenger) to remind (them)
88:22  You are not (appointed) a warden over them
88:23  As for the one who turns away and disbelieves
88:24  Allah will punish him with the direst torment
88:25  Of course, back to Us is their return (journey)
88:26  Indeed, to call them to accounts is upon Us