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33:1  O you the prophet! Revere Allah and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Truly Allah indeed is All-knowing, All-wise.
33:2  And follow that which has been revealed unto you from your Lord. Truly Allah is indeed All-acquainted with all that you do.
33:3  And put your trust in Allah and Allah is All-sufficient as a trustee.
33:4  Allah has not assigned to any man two hearts in his body and Allah has not made your wives from whom you take the oath [of zihar] as your mothers and Allah has not made your adopted children as your sons [from blood]. That is your words from your mouths and Allah says the truth and He guides to the right way.
33:5  Proclaim them for their parents [in blood] that is more upright in the sight of Allah and if you do not know their parents [of blood], then they are your brethren in the religion and your subordinate. And there is no blame on you in all things that you have made mistakes but only in things that your hearts have intentionally resolved and Allah indeed is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:6  The prophet is more entitled to the believers than themselves and his wives are their mothers and the blood relations are more entitled to one another according to the book of Allah from among the believers [the ansaar from Medina] and the migrants [from Mecca] unless apart from doing a kindly deed to your associates. Such a thing is indeed written in the book.
33:7  And when We took from the prophets their covenant and from you [O Muhammad] and from Noah and Abraham and Moses and Jesus son of Mary and We took from them a solemn covenant.
33:8  So that He may ask those who are entrusted with the truth about the truth with which they have been entrusted and He has prepared for the disbelievers a painful punishment.
33:9  O you who believe, remember the grace of Allah on you when hosts came up against you but then We sent against them a gale and hosts that you did not see and Allah indeed is All-seeing about all that you do.
33:10  When they came up against you from above you and from below you and when the gazes faltered and the hearts reached the throats and you were then thinking wild thoughts about Allah.
33:11  Thereupon the believers were tried very hard and they were shaken a strong shaking.
33:12  And when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts was a disease were saying, “Allah and His messenger promised us nothing but a delusion.”
33:13  And when a party of them said, “O people of Yathrib [Medina] there is no ground for you [against the hosts] therefore go back”. And a party of them asked permission of the prophet and they say, ”Our houses are exposed” and they are not exposed. They only want to flee.
33:14  If it was [the city] invaded upon them from its various sides and then they were invited to sedition, they would have complied with it and they would not have resisted except a little.
33:15  And they indeed had made a covenant with Allah that they will not turn their backs and indeed Allah’s covenant is going to be accounted for.
33:16  Say, “Fleeing will not benefit you, if you flee from the death or from the killing and even then you will not be allowed to enjoy except a little while.”
33:17  Say, “Who is it who can keep you from Allah if He intends ill for you or if He intends mercy for you?” and they will not find besides Allah for themselves an ally or a helper.
33:18  Allah does know those who hinder from among you and those who say to their brethren, “come to us” and they do not come to the fury of war except a little,
33:19  begrudging towards you. When fear comes you see them looking at you with their eyes turning around like the one who is assailed by death but when fear goes, they will tear you up with sharp tongues grudging on everything that is good. These are those who have never truly believed so Allah has brought their deeds to naught and indeed that is easy for Allah.
33:20  They expect that the confederates are not gone and if the confederates do come, they will wish that they were out in the desert with the Bedouins asking news about you and had they been among you, they would not have fought but a little.
33:21  Indeed there is for you in the messenger of Allah an excellent model for anyone who is looking forward to Allah and the last day and remembers Allah a great deal.
33:22  And when the believers saw the confederates they said, “This is what Allah and His messenger promised us and Allah and His messenger have said the truth” and this did not increase them in anything except belief and self-submission.
33:23  Among the believers are men who have made true their covenant to Allah. Among them are some who have fulfilled their covenant through death and among them are some who are waiting and they have not changed in the least.
33:24  So that Allah may reward the truthful for their truthfulness and that He may punish the hypocrites if He pleases or that He may turn to them. Truly Allah is indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:25  And Allah thwarted the disbelievers with their rancor and they never achieved any good and Allah spared the believers of the fight and Allah indeed is All-strong, All-mighty.
33:26  And He brought down those who helped them from among the people of the book from their fortresses when He cast the terror in their hearts. When you slew a party of them while the other party you took as prisoners.
33:27  And He caused you to inherit their lands and their homes and their properties and a land that you have not set foot in it and Allah indeed has power over all things.
33:28  O prophet! Say unto your wives, “If you indeed desire the life of this world and its adornment, then come and I will provide you a provision and I will set you free in a nicely manner.
33:29  But if you indeed desire Allah and His messenger and the last home truly Allah has prepared for those who act in excellent among you a magnificent reward.”
33:30  O wives of the prophet! Whoever among you commits an evident offense, the punishment will be doubled for her and that indeed is easy for Allah.
33:31  And whoever among you serves Allah and His messenger obediently and does righteous deeds, We will give her, her reward twice and We have prepared for her a gracious provision.
33:32  O wives of the prophet! You are not like any other women. If you revere Allah, then be not submissive in your speech lest the one in whose heart is a sickness will aspire but speak a word that is excellent.
33:33  And remain stationed in your houses and do not show yourself abroad in the flamboyant manner of the ignorance of aforetime. So establish the prayers and pay the sanctifying dues and obey Allah and His messenger. Allah only wants to remove the impurities from you O people of the house and to cleanse you a total cleansing.
33:34  And mind that which is related unto you in your houses from the signs of Allah and from the wisdom. Truly Allah indeed is All-subtle, All-acquainted.
33:35  Truly men and women who submit to Allah, and the believing men and women, and the obedient men and women, and the truthful men and women, and the steadfast men and women, and the humble men and women, and the charitable men and women, and the fasting men and women, and the men and women who guard their chastity and the men and women who remember Allah a great deal; for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a magnificent reward.
33:36  And it is not befitting for a believer man or woman to have a choice in their affair when Allah and His messenger have already decreed the matter and whosoever disobeys Allah and His messenger, he indeed has gone into an evident misguidance.
33:37  And when you said to the one whom Allah had blessed and you had blessed, “hold unto you your wife and revere Allah” and you hid within yourself what Allah was going to reveal and you deferred to human beings but Allah has more right for you to defer to Him. So when Zaid consummated his conjugal ties with her, We married you to her so that there will be no blame on the believers with regards to the wives of their adopted sons once they have consummated their conjugal ties with them and the commandment of Allah indeed must be fulfilled.
33:38  There is no blame on the prophet with regards to what Allah has made due for him. It is the way of Allah in those who have passed before and indeed Allah’s commandment is a destiny well measured.
33:39  Those who deliver the messages of Allah and defer to Him and defer to no one else except Allah. Allah is All-sufficient as a reckoner.
33:40  Muhammad is indeed not the father of anyone from among your men but he is the messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets and indeed Allah is All-knowing about everything.
33:41  O you who believe, remember Allah a great deal of remembrance.
33:42  And glorify Him in the morning and in the evening.
33:43  He it is who and His angels send down on you [His] blessings so that He may take you out from the darknesses to the light and indeed Allah is Most-merciful to the believers.
33:44  Their greeting the day they will meet Him is, “Peace.” And He has prepared for them a gracious reward.
33:45  O prophet! We have sent you as a witness and as a bringer of glad tidings and as a warner
33:46  and as a caller to Allah by His leave and as a lamp giving light.
33:47  So give glad tidings to the believers that there is for them a great favor from Allah.
33:48  And do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites and forego their harms and put your trust in Allah and Allah is All-sufficient as a trustee.
33:49  O you who believe! If you marry believing women and then you divorce them before you touch them, then you have no right over them to make them wait a period of clearance [Iddat]. Therefore give them a present of goodwill and then set them free in a nicely manner.
33:50  O Prophet! We have made lawful for you your wives unto whom you have paid their dowry and those whom your right hand possess from those whom Allah has given unto you from the gains that Allah has mustered unto you and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who have migrated with you [from Mecca] and any believing woman who offers herself to the prophet if the prophet wishes to marry her. A privilege reserved for you besides the believers. We indeed know what We have imposed on them in regards to their wives and in regards those that their right hands possess so that there is no blame on you and indeed Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:51  You may defer whom you please from among them [your wives] and you bring unto you whom you please and among those you have set aside, if you desire any of them there is no blame on you. That is closer to making their eye cool and that they do not grieve and that they all be satisfied with what you give them and Allah knows what is in your heart and Allah indeed is All-knowing, All-Magnanimous.
33:52  It is not permitted for you to take other women after this nor to exchange them for other wives even though their beauty deserves your admiration save those that your right hands possess and Allah indeed is watchful over everything.
33:53  O you who believe, enter not the houses of the prophet unless when you are permitted to come in for food, nor wait for it [the food] to be ready but when you are called, come in immediately and when you are finished eating, disperse immediately without looking forward for intimate chatting. That truly indeed hurts the prophet and he is shy thereof from you and Allah is not shy from the truth and when you ask them [his wives] any utensils, then ask them from behind a veil. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts and it is indeed not fitting for you to hurt the messenger of Allah nor to marry his widows after him ever. That truly is indeed an enormity in the eyes of Allah.
33:54  Whether you reveal something or conceal it, truly Allah is indeed All-knowing about everything.
33:55  There is no blame on them in their fathers, nor in their sons, nor in their brothers nor in the sons of their brothers nor in the sons of their sisters nor in their women [who attend on them] nor in the ones whom their right hands possess and revere Allah. Truly Allah is indeed All-witnessing over everything.
33:56  Truly Allah and His angels send their blessings on the prophet. O you who believe, send your blessings on him and greet him with the greetings of peace.
33:57  And truly those who hurt Allah and His messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and in the hereafter and has prepared for them a humiliating punishment.
33:58  And those who hurt the believing men and women for something that they have not earned, have indeed taken upon themselves an egregious fabrication and an evident sin.
33:59  O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the wives of the believers to put their outer garment amply on them. That is closer to making them known so that they are not hurt and indeed Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:60  If the hypocrites do not desist and those in whose hearts there is a sickness and those who spread rumors in Medina, We will most certainly set you upon them, and then they will not be able to settle in your neighborhood therein except a little.
33:61  Accursed they are and wherever they are found, they are seized and killed a great deal.
33:62  The way of Allah in those who have passed before and you will never find a change in the way of Allah.
33:63  People ask you about the hour. Say, “Its knowledge is only with Allah” and for all you know, perhaps the hour is close.
33:64  Truly Allah has cursed the disbelievers and has prepared for them a blazing fire.
33:65  They will abide therein forever and they will find neither an ally nor a helper.
33:66  The day their faces will be turned around in the fire, they will say, “If only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the messenger.”
33:67  And they will say, “O our Lord, we indeed obeyed our leaders and our great ones so they misguided us from the way.
33:68  O our Lord! Give them two fold from the punishment and curse them a great curse.”
33:69  O you who believe, do not be like those who hurt Moses but Allah cleared him from [the fallacies] that were said about him and he indeed is a guide in the sight of Allah.
33:70  O you who believe, revere Allah and say a word which is forth right.
33:71  Then he will make your deeds good for you and then He will forgive your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, he has indeed attained a magnificent success.
33:72  We indeed presented the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains but they refused to undertake it and they were concerned thereof but the human being undertook it. Truly he indeed was without wisdom, without knowledge.
33:73  So that Allah may punish the hypocritical men and women, and those men and women who ascribe partners to Allah and so that Allah may turn to the believer men and women and Allah is indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.