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33:1  You, you the prophet, fear and obey God, and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, that truly God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious
33:2  And follow what is inspired/transmitted to you from your Lord, that truly God was/is with what you make/do an expert/experienced
33:3  And rely/depend on God, and enough/sufficient with God (as) a guardian/ally
33:4  God did not make/put to a man from two hearts in his interior/inside, and He did not make/create your wives which (F) you declare them as forbidden for you (Pre-Islamic form of divorce in which the husband declares his wife as forbidden to him as his mother) from them (F) (as) your mothers, and He did not make/create those named after you but not your children by birth/your adopted children your sons, that (is) your word/opinion and belief with your mouths, and God says the truth and He guides (to) the path/way
33:5  Call them to their fathers, it is more just/equitable at God, so if you did not/do not know their fathers so (they are) your brothers in the religion, and your allies/friends , and an offense/guilt/sin is not on you in what you mistook/erred with it, and but what your hearts/minds made intentionally/purposely, and God was/is a forgiver , merciful
33:6  The prophet (is) more worthy/deserving with the believers than them selves, and His wives (are) their mothers, and (those) of the relations some of them (are) more worthy/deserving with some in God's Book/judgment than the believers and the emigrants, except that (E) you make/do to your allies/friends kindness/goodness , that was in The Book written/inscribed
33:7  And when We took/received from the prophets their promise/covenant, and from you, and Noah, and from Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus Mary's son, and We took/received from them a strong promise/covenant
33:8  (It is for God) to ask/question the truthful about their truthfulness, and He prepared to the disbelievers a painful torture
33:9  You, you those who believed, remember/mention God's blessing/goodness on you, when soldiers/warriors came to you, so We sent on (to) them a wind , and soldiers/warriors you did not see it (them), and God was/is with what you make/do seeing/knowing
33:10  When they came to you from above you and from lower than you, and when the eyesights/knowledge deviated/turned away, and the hearts/minds reached the larynxes/voice boxes (throats) , and you think/assume with God the thoughts/assumptions
33:11  At that place and time the believers were tested, and they were shaken/trembled a strong (severe) shake/tremble
33:12  And when the hypocrites and those whom in their hearts (is) sickness/disease say: "God and His messenger did not promise us except deceit/temptation."
33:13  And when a group of people from them said: "You people (of) Yethrib , (there is) no position/status for you, so return." And a group/party from them ask the prophet for permission/pardon (E) they say: "That truly our houses/homes (are) weakly defended ." And it is not with weakly defended , that truly they want except escape
33:14  And if (it) is entered on them from its sides/directions then they were asked (for) the treason , they would have given it (E) and they would not have delayed/remained with it (the treason) except little
33:15  And they were had been (E) they promised God from before (they had before promised God that) they do not turn away (on) the backs/ends, and God's promise was questioned
33:16  Say: "The escape/flight will never/not benefit you if you escaped/fled from the death/lifelessness or the killing/fighting , and then you do not be living long/enjoying except a little."
33:17  Say: "Who that protects/shelters you from God if He willed/wanted bad/evil/harm with you? Or He willed/wanted mercy with you? And they do not find for them from other than God a guardian/ally , and nor a victorior/savior ."
33:18  God had known the hinderers, obstructers, disincentivators and delayers from you and the saying/speakers to their brothers: "Come to us." And they do not come/do (join) the war/hardship , except a little/few
33:19  Miser/stingy/careful on (to) you, so if the fear/fright came, you saw them looking to you, their eyes/sights turn/roll as who makes/becomes unconscious on him from the death/lifelessness (as who faints from fear of death), so if the fear/fright went away they harmed/stabbed you with sharp/hard tongues/speeches , miser/stingy/careful on the good , those they did not believe, so God wasted/invalidated their deeds, and that was on God easy/little
33:20  They suppose (that) the groups/parties did not go and if the groups/parties come, they wish/love if that they truly are desert dwellers in the Arabs, they ask/question about your information/news, and if they were in (between) you, they would not have fought/killed except a little/few
33:21  (It) had been for you in God's messenger a good example/model to who was hoping/expecting God, and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and remembered/mentioned God much
33:22  And when the believers saw/understood the groups/parties, they said: "That (is) what God promised us and His messenger, and God was/is truthful and His messenger." And (it) did not increase them except belief and submission/surrender
33:23  From the believers (are) men, they were truthful (on) what they promised God on it, so from them who accomplished/carried out His vow or duty upon himself , and from them who awaits/watches , and they did not change exchange/change
33:24  (It is to) God to reward/reimburse the truthful with their truthfulness, and He tortures the hypocrites, if He wants or He forgives on them, that truly God was/is a forgiver, merciful
33:25  And God returned those who disbelieved with their anger/rage, they did not obtain goodness , and God stopped/prevented the believers (from) the fighting/killing, and God was/is powerful/strong, glorious/might
33:26  And He descended those who cooperated/supported (against) them , from The Book's people from their fortresses/strong holds , and He threw/hurled in their hearts/minds the terror/fright, a group/party you kill, and a group/party you capture/imprison
33:27  And He made you inherit their land and their homes/countries , and their properties/possessions , and a land you did not step on/set foot on, and God was/is on every thing capable/able
33:28  You, you the prophet, say to your wives: "If you were (F) wanting (F) the life the present/worldly life and its decoration/beauty , so come, I make you (F) enjoy, I divorce/free you (F), divorce/freeing gracefully (peaceful/quiet) ."
33:29  And if you were (F) wanting (F) God and His messenger, and the end's (other life's) house/home , so then God prepared to the good doers (F) from you (F) a great reward
33:30  You, the prophet's women (wives), who does/commits from you (F) with an evident enormous/atrocious deed , the torture be doubled/multiplied for her two doubles, and that was/is on God easy/little
33:31  And who from you obeys humbly to God and His messenger and makes/does correct/righteous deeds, We give/bring her her reward twice, and We prepared for her an honoured/generous provision
33:32  You, the prophet's women (wives), you are not as anyone from the women, if you feared and obeyed so do not soften/submit/obey with the word/opinion and belief, so wishes/desires who in his heart/mind (is) sickness/disease, and say (F) a kind/generous word/opinion and belief
33:33  And join/dwell/be respected in your houses/homes, and do not show your beauty/decoration, the first pre-Islamic paganism's/ignorance's showing off (of) beauty/decoration, and stand/keep up (F) the prayers, and give/bring the charity/purification, and obey God and His messenger, truly God wants to eliminate/wipe off from you the filth/torture, people (of) the House/Home, and He purifies you purification
33:34  And mention/remember (F) what is read/recited in your (F) houses/homes from God's verses/evidences and the wisdom, that truly God was/is kind/soothing , expert/experienced
33:35  That truly the Moslems/submitters (M) , and the Moslems/submitters (F), and the believers (M), and the believers (F), and the obeying humbly (M) , and the obeying humbly (F) , and the truthful (M), and the truthful (F), and the patient (M), and the patient (F), and the humble/submissive (M) , and the humble/submissive (F) , and the charity givers (M), and the charity givers (F), and the fasters (M) ,and the fasters (F) , and the protecting/observing (M) their genital parts between their (M) legs, and the protecting/observing (F) , and the mentioning/remembering God much, and the mentioning/remembering (F) , God prepared for them a forgiveness and a great reward
33:36  And (it) was not to a believer (M) and nor a believer (F), if God and His messenger ordered/passed judgment an order/command/matter/affair that to be for them the choice from their matter/affair, and who disobeys God and His messenger, so he had misguided a clear/evident misguidance
33:37  And when you say to who God blessed/comforted and eased on (to) him, and you blessed/comforted and eased on (to) him: "Hold/grasp on (to) you your wife, and fear and obey God." And you hide in your self what God (is) showing it (E), and you fear the people, and God (is) more worthy/deserving that (E) you fear Him, so when Zeyd carried out/ended from her a need/desire (divorced) We made you marry her, so that (there) not be on the believers hardship/blame in wives/spouses (of their adopted) ones called after them, if they carried out/ended from them (F) a need/desire (divorced), and God's order/command was/is made/done
33:38  (There) was not on the prophet from strain/blame in what God specified/stipulated to him, God's law/manner in those who past/expired from before, and God's order/command was/is a predestiny predestined/estimated
33:39  Those who communicate/deliver God's messages, and they fear Him, and they do not fear anyone except God, and enough/sufficient with God counting/calculating
33:40  Mohammad was not a father (to) anyone from your men, and but God's messenger, and the prophets' end/conclusion/final , and God was/is with every thing knowledgeable
33:41  You, you those who believed, remember/mention God much remembering/mentioning
33:42  And praise/glorify Him, (at) daybreaks/early mornings and evening to sunset
33:43  He is who blesses and compliments on ( for) you and His angels to bring you out (E) from the darknesses to the light, and He was/is with the believing merciful
33:44  Their greeting (on) a day/time they meet/find Him (is): "A greeting/peace ." And He prepared for them, an honored/generous reward/wage
33:45  You, you the prophet, that We, We sent you (as) a witness/testifier, and announcer of good news, and a warner/giver of notice
33:46  And calling to God with His permission/pardon and a lamp luminous/giving light
33:47  And announce good news (to) the believers with that for them from God (is) great grace/favour/blessing
33:48  And do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and leave/desert (forget) their mild harm, and rely/depend on God, and enough/sufficient with God (as) a guardian/ally
33:49  You, you those who believed, if you married the believers (F) then you divorced/freed them (F) from before that you touch them (F), so (there is) no term/counting (no waiting period) you count it, so give them alimony, and divorce/release them (F) beautifully divorce/release
33:50  You, you the prophet, that We, We permitted/allowed for you your wives/spouses those who you gave their rewards (dowries), and what your right (hand) owned/possessed from what God bestowed upon you, and your paternal uncles' daughters, and your paternal aunts' daughters, and your maternal uncles' daughters, and your maternal aunts' daughters, who (F) emigrated with you, and a believing woman if she presented herself to the prophet, if the prophet wanted that He marries her, clearly/purely for you from other than the believers, We had known what We had commanded/imposed/stipulated on them in their wives and what their right (hands) owned/possessed, so that strain/blame/sin not be on you, and God was/is forgiving, merciful
33:51  You delay/postpone whom you will/want from them (F), and you shelter/give refuge (near) to you whom you will/want, and whom you wished/desired from whom you isolated/set aside , so no strain/blame/sin (is) on you, that (is) nearer that their (F) eyes/sights delight/please , and they not be sad/grievous, and they accept/approve with what you gave them (F), all of them, and God knows what (is) in your hearts/minds , and God was/is knowledgeable, clement
33:52  The women are not permitted/allowed to you from after, and nor that you exchange/replace with them (F) from wives , and even if their goodness/beauty pleased/marveled you, except what your right (hand) owned/possessed, and God was/is on every thing observing/watching
33:53  You, you those who believed, do not enter the prophet's houses/homes except that (it) be permitted/allowed to you, not waiting to (for) feeding/food at it, and but if you were called/invited so enter, so if you ate so spread out (disperse), and not perceiving/seeing (expecting) to an information/speech (conversation), that, that was harming mildly the prophet, so he feels ashamed/shy from you, and God does not shame from the truth , and if you asked them (F) (for) belongings/effects/goods, so ask them (F) from behind/beyond a divider/partition , that is purer to your hearts/minds and their (F) hearts/minds , and (it) was not for you that you harm mildly God's messenger, and nor that you marry his wives from after him ever (E), that truly that was at God great
33:54  If you show a thing or you hide it, so then God was with every thing knowledgeable
33:55  No offense/guilt/sin (is) on them in their (F) fathers, and nor their (F) sons, and nor their (F) brothers, and nor their (F) brother's sons, and nor their sisters' (F) sons, and nor their women (F), and nor what their (F) rights (hands) owned/possessed, and fear and obey God, that truly God was/is on every thing a witness/testifier
33:56  That truly God and His angels bless and compliment on the prophet. You, you those who believed, pray and call for God's blessing on him (the prophet) and great greetings
33:57  That truly those who harm mildly God and His messengers, God cursed/humiliated them in the present world, and the end (other life), and He prepared for them a disgracing/degrading torture
33:58  And those who harm mildly/harm the believers (M) and the believers (F) without what they earned/acquired (unjustly) , so they had endured/burdened falsehood/slander , and a clear/evident sin/crime
33:59  You, you the prophet, say to your wives and your daughters and the believers' women they (F) near (lengthen) on them from their shirts/gowns/wide dresses, that (is) nearer that (E) they (F) be known (better than being identified), so they (F) do not be harmed mildly/harmed, and God was/is forgiving, merciful
33:60  If (E) the hypocrites and those whom in their hearts/minds (is) sickness/disease and the spreaders of agitating rumors and bad news to provoke people in the city/town do not end/stop , We will urge/attract (influence) you (to get rid of) with them, then they do not become a neighbor to you in it except a few
33:61  Cursed/humiliated wherever they were defeated/caught up with , they were taken/punished ,and they were killed killingly
33:62  God's way/manner in those who past/expired from before, and you will never/not find to God's way/manner (an) exchange/replacement
33:63  The people ask/question you about the Hour/Resurrection , say: "Truly its knowledge (is) at God, and what informs you maybe/perhaps the Hour/Resurrection be near/close."
33:64  That truly God cursed/humiliated the disbelievers, and He prepared for them blazing/inflaming (fire)
33:65  Immortally/eternally in it (for) ever (E), they do not find a guardian/ally , and nor a victorior/savior
33:66  A day/time their faces/fronts will be turned over in the fire , they say: "Oh if only we obeyed God and we obeyed the messenger/two messengers ?"
33:67  And they said: "Our Lord, that we obeyed our masters/rulers , and our bigger ones/oldest so they misguided us (from) the two ways/paths/way/path ."
33:68  Our Lord give/bring them two doubles from the torture, and curse/humiliate them a great ,curse/humiliation
33:69  You, you those who believed, do not be as those who harmed mildly/harmed Moses, so God acquitted/cured him, from what they said, and he was at God noble
33:70  You, you those who believed, fear and obey God and say an accurate/truthful saying/word and opinion
33:71  He corrects/repairs for you your deeds, and He forgives for you your crimes, and who obeys God and His messenger, so he had triumphed/succeeded a great triumph/success
33:72  We displayed/presented the trust (choice between good and evil) on the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and the mountains , so they refused/hated that (E) they bear/endure it , and they were cautious/afraid from it, and the human/mankind bore/endured it , that he truly was/is often unjust and oppressive, lowly/ignorant
33:73  (It is for) God to punish the hypocrites (M), and the hypocrites (F), and the sharers/takers of partners (with God) (M), and the sharers/takers of partners (with God) (F), and God forgives on the believers (M), and the believers (F), and God was/is forgiving, merciful