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87:1  "Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High,"
87:2  "Who creates, and then fashions things (in beautiful proportions),"
87:3  "Who decides (fate), and then guides (things to their destinies),"
87:4  "Who produces the (green) pasture,"
87:5  "and then turns it into dried, brown straw."
87:6  "We shall make you recite so that you will not forget (O Mu?ammad),"
87:7  except what Allah wills. Surely He knows what is said openly and what is hidden
87:8  and We will ease your way to the Way of Ease (Islam)
87:9  "So (continue to) remind (people), for reminders are helpful."
87:10  "The one who fears (God) will listen,"
87:11  "but the unfortunate one will avoid it,"
87:12  he who will be thrown into the great Fir
87:13  where he will neither die nor live
87:14  "But successful is the one who purifies himself,"
87:15  "and remembers the name of his Lord, and prays."
87:16  "(No), but you prefer the life of this world"
87:17  "even though the Next Life is better, and more lasting."
87:18  This (message) is in the earlier Scriptures -
87:19  The Books of Ibr?h?m and M?s?