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88:1  Has the story of the Overwhelming reached you
88:2  On that day (many) faces will look down (in humility
88:3  "hard-working, worn out,"
88:4  "scorched by burning fire,"
88:5  "drinking from a spring of boiling water,"
88:6  no food for them except bitter cactu
88:7  which will neither nourish them nor satisfy their hunger
88:8  "On that day (other) faces will be joyful,"
88:9  "pleased with their past efforts,"
88:10  in a high Garde
88:11  where they hear no trivial talk
88:12  "In it there is a flowing fountain,"
88:13  "and couches raised high,"
88:14  "and goblets nearby,"
88:15  and cushions arrange
88:16  and rich carpets spread around them
88:17  Do they not observe how the camel was created
88:18  "-- and the sky, how it is raised high,"
88:19  "and the mountains, how firmly they are fixed,"
88:20  "and the earth, how it is spread out?"
88:21  "Remind them (Mu?ammad), because you were (only) sent to remind;"
88:22  you are not in charge of them
88:23  "But whoever turns away and disbelieves,"
88:24  Allah will punish him with a mighty punishment
88:25  "Truly, they will return to Us,"
88:26  and it is for Us to call them to account for what they have doen