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87:1  Extol The Name of your Lord, The Most Exalted
87:2  Who created; so He molded
87:3  And Who determined; so He guided
87:4  And Who brought out the pasturage
87:5  Then He made it a dark (Or: stubble including all pasturage) stubble
87:6  We will soon make you read so you will not forget
87:7  Excepting whatever Allah decides; surely He knows audible speech and what is concealed
87:8  And We will ease you to the Easiest (way)
87:9  So remind, in case the Reminding profits
87:10  He who is apprehensive will constantly remember
87:11  And the most wretched will avoid it
87:12  (He) who will roast in the Greatest Fire
87:13  Thereafter he will neither die therein, nor live
87:14  He has already prospered who has cleansed himself
87:15  And who remembers the Name of his Lord, so he prays
87:16  No indeed, (but) you prefer the present life, (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world)
87:17  And the Hereafter is more charitable (i.e., better) and more enduring
87:18  Surely this is in the earliest Scrolls
87:19  The Scrolls of Ibrahim and Musa (Abraham and Moses respectively)