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79:1  By those who pull out intensely
79:2  and by those who let out gently
79:3  and by those who swim/float smoothly
79:4  and by those who move ahead, outpacing
79:5  and by those who manage the affairs,
79:6  on the day when the earthquake shakes (the earth)
79:7  the subsequent one follows it,
79:8  on that day hearts tremble,
79:9  their eyes humbled (looking down),
79:10  they say: “Will we be restored to the original form,
79:11  even when we are decomposed bones?”
79:12  They say: “Then that would be a losing return.”
79:13  Then it is only a single scream
79:14  and they are immediately awake (on the surface).
79:15  Did the story of Moses come to you?
79:16  When his Lord called him in the holy valley of Tuwa (telling him):
79:17  “Go to Pharaoh for indeed he has rebelled.
79:18  Then say: “Do you like to purify (and absolve) yourself?
79:19  I will guide you to your Lord so you would fear (from His disobedience).””
79:20  Then he (Moses) showed him the great miracle,
79:21  but he denied and disobeyed,
79:22  then he turned his back trying (against God).
79:23  Then he gathered (his people) and called out
79:24  and said: “I am your lord, the highest.”
79:25  So, God punished him with an exemplary punishment in the Hereafter and this life.
79:26  Indeed, there is a lesson in that for anyone who fears (God).
79:27  Are you harder to create or the sky that He has built?
79:28  He raised its roof and arranged it.
79:29  And He darkened its night and brought out its daylight.
79:30  And after that He expanded/spread out the earth.
79:31  He brought out its water and its pasture from it,
79:32  and He set the mountains firm,
79:33  an enjoyment for you and your livestock.
79:34  So, when the great disaster comes,
79:35  a day when the human being remembers what he tried
79:36  and the hellfire is exposed for all who see.
79:37  So, anyone who rebelled
79:38  and preferred this world's life
79:39  then indeed the hellfire will be the housing (for him).
79:40  And as for anyone who is afraid of his Lord's position and prevents himself from the desires,
79:41  then indeed the garden will be the housing (for him).
79:42  They ask you about the Hour: “When is its anchoring (arrival)?”
79:43  In what (basis) would you remember it (when you have no knowledge of it)?
79:44  Its ending is up to your Lord.
79:45  You are only a warner for anyone who fears it.
79:46  The day when they see it, it is as if they stayed an evening or its morning.