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79:1  "By those who pull out harshly [e.g ?Azra??l, the Angel of Death],"
79:2  "by those who draw out gently,"
79:3  "by those who float along,"
79:4  "by those who hurry forward,"
79:5  and by those who manage the affairs (of their Lord)
79:6  "On the Day when the (first) earthquake (violently) shakes everything [i.e. the blast of the trumpet sounded by the Angel Isr?f?l on the Last Day which will cause every living being to die],"
79:7  "and the aftershock follows it [the second blowing of the trumpet which will wake all the dead],"
79:8  "on that Day hearts will be pounding,"
79:9  and their eyes will be cast down
79:10  "(Now) they say, 'Shall we really be returned to the way we were before,"
79:11  even after we are crumbled bones
79:12  "They say, 'Then that would be a return with loss.'"
79:13  "But it will only be a single Shout [of an angel, or the blast of the trumpet at the beginning of the Resurrection,]"
79:14  and they shall awaken to be gathered on the open plain
79:15  Has the story of M?s? reached you
79:16  "When his Lord called him in the holy valley of ?uw?, (saying)"
79:17  "'Go to Pharaoh, for he has truly crossed his limit."
79:18  "And say to him, ""Would you like to be purified?"""
79:19  "And shall I guide you to your Lord, so that you will be in awe of Him?"
79:20  And he (M?s?) showed him the great sign
79:21  "But he (Pharaoh) rejected it and disobeyed,"
79:22  "and he turned his back, hurrying (to do mischief),"
79:23  then he gathered (his people) and proclaimed
79:24  "'I, (Pharaoh), am your Lord, the Most High!'"
79:25  So Allah seized him with the punishment of the Next Life as well as this one
79:26  Surely this is a lesson for one who fears (Allah)
79:27  "What, are you harder to create than the heaven that Allah made?"
79:28  "He raised the height of it, and put it in perfect order,"
79:29  "and darkened its night, and brought out its bright light."
79:30  And the earth -- after that He spread it out
79:31  "and drew out from it its water and its pastures,"
79:32  and He set the mountins firm -
79:33  for the comfort of you and your flocks
79:34  "But when the great disaster comes,"
79:35  the day when people will remember all of the things they were trying to achiev
79:36  and Hell will be in full view for all to see
79:37  "then, as for the one who was rebellious"
79:38  "and chose the life of this world,"
79:39  surely Hell will be his home
79:40  "But as for the one who was afraid to stand before Allah (for the Judgement) and kept himself from lower desires,"
79:41  surely the Garden will be his home
79:42  They ask you about the Hour: 'When will it come?'
79:43  Why are you mentioning it
79:44  Your Lord alone knows the final end of it
79:45  You are only a warner to those who fear it
79:46  "On the Day that they see it, it will seem as if they had only lived for an evening, or (at the most) until the next morning!"