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79:1  BY THOSE who snatch away men‘s souls
79:2  and those who gently release them
79:3  by those who float at will
79:4  and those who speed headlong
79:5  by those who govern the affairs of this world
79:6  On the day the Trumpet sound
79:7  its first and second blast
79:8  hearts shall on that day be filled with terror
79:9  and eyes shall stare with awe
79:10  They say: ‘When we are turned to hollow bones, shall we be restored to life?‘
79:11  --(translation missing in source)-
79:12  And they say: ‘So it is a fruitless transformation!‘
79:13  But with one blas
79:14  they shall return to the earth‘s surface
79:15  Have you heard the story of Moses
79:16  His Lord called out to him in the sacred valley of Ţuwā, saying
79:17  Go to Pharaoh: he has transgressed all bounds
79:18  and say: "Will you reform yourself
79:19  I will guide you to your Lord, that you may have fear of Him.‘
79:20  He showed Pharaoh the mightiest sign
79:21  but he denied it and rebelled
79:22  He quickly went away and
79:23  summoning all his men, made to them a proclamation
79:24  ‘I am your supreme Lord.‘ he said
79:25  So God smote him with the scourge of the life to come, and of this life
79:26  Surely in this there is a lesson for the God-fearing
79:27  Are you harder to create or the heaven He has built
79:28  He raised it high and fashioned it
79:29  giving darkness to its night and brightness to its day
79:30  After that He spread the earth
79:31  and, drawing water from its depth, brought forth its pastures
79:32  He set down the mountains
79:33  for you and for your cattle to delight in
79:34  But when the supreme calamity strikes ―
79:35  the day when man will call to mind his labours ―
79:36  when Hell appears to those with eyes to see ―
79:37  he that transgresse
79:38  and chose this present lif
79:39  shall have his home in Hell
79:40  and he that feared to stand before his Lor
79:41  and curbed his soul‘s desire shall have his home in Paradise
79:42  They question you about the Hour. ‘When will it come?‘
79:43  But how are you to know
79:44  Only your Lord knows when the end will come
79:45  Your duty is but to warn those that fear it
79:46  On the day they see it, it will seem as if they had lingered but one evening, or one morning