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79:1  Act as a witness those who detach with full force (the soul of a transgressing person from his physical body)
79:2  Act as a witness those who release gently (the soul of a righteous person from his physical body)
79:3  So (also) those who swim, swimming swiftly (in space)
79:4  So (also) those who race on as if in a race (when moving in space)
79:5  So (also) those who direct and administer the command of their Nourisher-Sustainer
79:6  The Day the first blast shivers
79:7  The one coming later (i.e., the 2nd blowing in the Trumpet) follows it
79:8  Hearts (of the disbelievers and hypocrites) that Day are such which are in fear and anxiety
79:9  Their eyes adopting castdown position
79:10  They say: “Shall indeed, we be surely those who have been returned back to the ditch of the earth? [The first blowing of the Trumpet makes every body dead; the 2nd blowing which follows it, revives the dead. The dead when revived from their burial places are confused and agitated. Out of fear and anxiety they utter these statements]
79:11  What! Even when we are bones, rotten and decomposed?”
79:12  They said: “This then would be a return of evident loss.”
79:13  So surely what (is a fact is that) this is a strongly delivered warning, only one
79:14  So when they are in a vast open land (revived from their dead state, how will they face the Accountability)
79:15  Has the Hadees of Musa reached you
79:16  When his Nourisher-Sustainer called out to him within the Sacred Valley, Tuwa
79:17  (Allah directed him): “Proceed to Firaun! Certainly, he has transgressed beyond bounds
79:18  Then say (to Firaun who thinks he is a god in himself): Is that (possible) for you (that you turn) towards (Allah) that you sanctify (yourself of disbelief, polytheism and transgression)
79:19  And I (as a Prophet of Allah) shall guide you to your Nourisher-Sustainer, so you shall realise His Position.'”
79:20  Then (Musa) showed the great sign
79:21  But (Firaun) belied and became arrogant
79:22  Then he about-turned: he moves (away) quickly
79:23  Then he gathered (his forces and people) and loudly declared
79:24  Then he said: “I am rabb unto you (all), the higher one!”
79:25  So Allah seized him in a severe punishment of the Hereafter and of the ‘earlier one’ (i.e., of the present world)
79:26  Verily, in that is indeed an instructive lesson for that who realises the Position (of Allah)
79:27  Are you (O mankind!) a more difficult (task) for creation or the heaven which He constructed
79:28  He raised its height, so He shaped it in proportion
79:29  And He covered its night (with darkness) and brought forth its forenoon (as evidently shining)
79:30  And the earth, after this stage, He gave it an oval form
79:31  He brought forth therefrom a portion of its water and its pasture
79:32  And the mountains: He made them firmly fixed
79:33  (All this He arranged) as a provision for you; and for your cattle
79:34  So when has already approached the great catastrophe (of the Final Day) —
79:35  the Day the human being brings to mind whatever he strove for
79:36  And the Hell-Fire is brought to view for that who may see
79:37  Then if such who transgressed all bounds
79:38  and preferred the life of this immediate world —
79:39  then, surely the Hell-Fire — this, (will be) the Final Abode
79:40  And if that who fully realised the position of his Nourisher-Sustainer, and restrained the Nafs against vain desires —
79:41  then, verily, the Garden of Paradise — this, (will be) the Final Abode
79:42  They ask you about the Hour (as to) when will be its appointed time
79:43  In what (doubt) you are regarding (the) mention thereof
79:44  (Traceable) towards your Nourisher-Sustainer (is) the ultimate knowledge regarding it
79:45  Surely, what (is a fact is that) you (are only) a warner (unto) that who takes care of that (and is heedful)
79:46  (It is) like this — that they have not stayed except one evening or one forenoon thereof — the day they come across it