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79:1  By the ones who tear out vehemently,
79:2  by the ones who draw out a drawing out,
79:3  by the ones who are swimmers, swimming,
79:4  the ones who take the lead, taking the lead,
79:5  by the ones who manage a command,
79:6  on a Day when the quake quakes,
79:7  succeeds the one that comes close behind it,
79:8  hearts beating painfully on that Day,
79:9  their sight, that which is humble.
79:10  They say: Will we be restored to our original state
79:11  when we had been crumbled bones?
79:12  They said: That is a return again of one who is a loser.
79:13  Truly, there will be but one scare.
79:14  That is when they would be the ones awakening.
79:15  Approached thee the discourse of Moses
79:16  when his Lord cried out to him in the sanctified valley of Tuwa:
79:17  Be thou gone to Pharaoh. Truly, he was defiant.
79:18  And say: Wouldst thou purify thyself?
79:19  And I will guide thee to thy Lord, then, thou wilt dread Him.
79:20  And he caused him to see the greater sign.
79:21  But Pharaoh denied and rebelled.
79:22  Again, Pharaoh drew back, hastening about.
79:23  Then, Pharaoh assembled them; then, proclaimed.
79:24  Then, Pharaoh said: I am your lofty lord.
79:25  So God took him with an exemplary punishment for the last and for the first.
79:26  Truly, in that is a lesson for whoever dreads God.
79:27  Is your constitution harder to create or the heaven which He built?
79:28  He exalted its vault and shaped it
79:29  and He made its night dark and brought out its forenoon.
79:30  And, after that, He spread out the earth.
79:31  He brought out from it its water and its pasture.
79:32  And the mountains He set firm,
79:33  an enjoyment for you and for your flocks.
79:34  When the Greater Catastrophe would draw near,
79:35  on that Day the human being will recollect for what he endeavored.
79:36  Hellfire will be advanced for whoever sees.
79:37  As for whoever was defiant
79:38  and held this present life in greater favor,
79:39  then, truly, hellfire will be the place of shelter!
79:40  And as for him who feared the Station of his Lord and prohibited desire from his soul,
79:41  truly, the Garden will be the place of shelter!
79:42  They ask thee about the Hour. When will it berth?
79:43  Then, what art thou about that thou remind of it?
79:44  To thy Lord is the Utmost Boundary of it.
79:45  And thou art only one who warns to such a one whoever dreads it.
79:46  It will be as though a Day they see it, they linger not in expectation but an evening or a forenoon.