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79:1  Consider those who dive to bring up. (Pearls from the ocean. People from repression)
79:2  And move steadily in jubilation, releasing (the oppressed from bondage)
79:3  And working hard, swimming in strides
79:4  And then together racing to progress
79:5  And thus taking charge of their matters
79:6  The Day when the tremulous trembles
79:7  To be followed by the jolter. (The oppressors are shaken up again and again)
79:8  Some hearts throb on that Day
79:9  Their eyes subdued
79:10  They say, "What! Shall we ever be returned to the ditch of anonymity?" ('Hufrah' = Ditch = Not noteworthy = Lowly = Unremarkable = Insignificant)
79:11  "Shall we ever weaken to skeletal strength?"
79:12  And they say, "In that case, then, it would be an investment of loss!"
79:13  But finally, it is a single swift call
79:14  And, behold, they will be awakened
79:15  Has the story of Moses reached you? (Such a Revolution occurred in his times (20:9-98))
79:16  When his Lord called him in the Sacred Valley of Revelation (18:60-64), (20:12)
79:17  "Go to Pharaoh. Behold, he has crossed all bounds of decency."
79:18  And ask him, "Are you willing to be a better person?" ('Zaku' = Grow in goodness = Develop the 'Self' = Get rid of evil behavior = Attain purity = Improve in conduct = Prime the 'Self' for actualization)
79:19  Then I will guide you to your Lord so that you will have some idea of His awesome Glory."
79:20  And then he presented to him the tremendous evidence of the Truth. (20:23)
79:21  But he denied and haughtily rejected
79:22  Then turned he away briskly
79:23  Then gathered (his chiefs) and called (his people)
79:24  And proclaimed, "I am your Lord, the Highest!"
79:25  So Allah took him to task, and made him an example for the later generations and the ones who soon followed
79:26  Behold, herein is indeed a lesson for him who fears (violating the Divine Law)
79:27  What! Are you the more difficult to create or is the heaven that He built
79:28  He raised high its canopy, and shaped it perfect
79:29  And He made dark its night and its splendor He brings out
79:30  And after that He made the earth shoot out from the Cosmic Nebula and made it spread out egg-shaped. ('Dahaha' entails all the meanings rendered (21:30), (41:11))
79:31  And produced from it its own water and pasture
79:32  And the mountains He firmly fixed
79:33  A means of livelihood for you and your cattle
79:34  And so, when there comes the Great Event
79:35  On that Day man will remember all that he has ever done. (53:39), (56:63-73)
79:36  And the Insurmountable Barrier will stand before him who finds it before him (he failed to prime his 'Self' for the felicitous development in the Hereafter (29:54), (39:48), (82:16))
79:37  Then, the one who rebelled against the Divine Laws
79:38  And fell for instant gratifications, ('Hayat-id-duniya' = Life of this world = Short term = Instant gains = Disregard of the life to come)
79:39  Behold, the (foot of) the Insurmountable Barrier will be his home
79:40  But the one who feared standing before his Sustainer and restrained his selfish desire
79:41  Behold, the Paradise will be his home
79:42  They ask you of the Hour, "When will it come to pass?"
79:43  Why? What do you have to tell them about it? (7:187), (33:63), (42:17)
79:44  Unto your Lord is the culmination of it. (53:42)
79:45  You are but a Warner unto him who stands in awe of it
79:46  On the Day when they see it, it will be as if they had lived no longer than an evening or its morning