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79:1  By the angels who violently tear-out the souls of the disbelievers from their bodies
79:2  by the angels who gently release the souls of the believers
79:3  by the angels who float (in the heavens by the will of God)
79:4  by the angels who hasten alon
79:5  and by the angels who regulate the affairs, (you will certainly be resurrected)
79:6  On the day when the first trumpet sound blast
79:7  and will be followed by the second one
79:8  hearts will undergo terrible trembling
79:9  and eyes will be humbly cast down
79:10  (The disbelievers) say, "Shall we be brought back to life agai
79:11  after we have become bones and dust?"
79:12  They have said, "Such a resurrection will certainly be a great loss"
79:13  However, it will only take a single blas
79:14  to bring them out of their graves and back to life on the earth's surface
79:15  (Muhammad), have you heard the story of Mose
79:16  when his Lord called him in the holy valley of Tuwa
79:17  saying, "Go to the Pharaoh. He has transgressed beyond all bounds
79:18  And say to him, "Would you like to reform yourself
79:19  I shall guide you to your Lord so that you may perhaps have fear of Him"
79:20  Moses showed him the great miracl
79:21  but the Pharaoh rejected it and disobeyed (Moses)
79:22  Then he turned away in a hurry
79:23  and gathered his people togethe
79:24  saying, "I am your supreme lord"
79:25  So God struck him with the torment of this life and the life hereafter
79:26  In this there is a lesson for those who have fear of God
79:27  (People), is your creation harder for God than that of the heavens, which He created, raised and establishe
79:28  high above
79:29  He has made its nights dark and its days bright
79:30  After this, He spread out the earth
79:31  produced water and grass therefrom
79:32  then set-up firmly the mountains
79:33  All this was done as a means of enjoyment for you and your cattle
79:34  On the day when the great calamity comes
79:35  the human being will recall whatever he has done
79:36  Hell fire will become visible for those who would see it
79:37  Those who have rebelle
79:38  and preferred the worldly life
79:39  hell will be their dwelling
79:40  However, those who had feared their Lord and restrained their souls from acting according to its desires
79:41  Paradise will be the dwelling
79:42  (Muhammad), they ask you, "When will the Hour of Doom come?"
79:43  (Muhammad), you do not know (when and how) it will come
79:44  This matter is in the hands of your Lord
79:45  You are only a warner for those who fear such a day
79:46  On the day when they see it, it will seem to them as though they had only lived in the world for a morning and an afternoon