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75:2  Do you hope that they believe in you? While some of them heard the word of God, then changed it after they understood it, while they knew (what they were doing).
75:3  Among people of the book, there are some that can be trusted with huge amounts (of money) and they will return it back to you, and there are some that if you trust them even with one dinar (or a penny) they will not return it back to you unless you keep up your demand, because they say: “There is no way against us for those who are not people of the book.” They lie from God, and they know it.
75:4  And what is with you that you do not fight in the way of God and the weak men and women and children, those who say: “Our Lord, take us out of this town whose inhabitants are the wrongdoers, and appoint a protector for us from Your presence and appoint a helper for us from Your presence.”
75:5  Christ, son of Mary, was only a messenger, the messengers had passed away before him, and his mother was truthful, they both used to eat food. Look how We make the signs clear to them, then look how they are deviated (from the truth).
75:6  And that is how We showed Abraham kingdom of the skies and the earth, so that he will be one of those who are certain.
75:7  The leaders of those who were arrogant among his people said to those who believed among those who were weak: “Do you know that Salih is sent by his Lord?” They said: “We believe in what he is sent with it.”
75:8  And those who believed afterward and migrated and tried hard with you, then they are of you. And in the book of God, some blood relatives (and close relatives) have preference over others. God knows everything.
75:9  Some of them promised God that if He gives us from His grace, we shall give to charity and we shall be of the righteous.
75:10  Then after them, We sent Moses and Aaron with Our signs to Pharaoh and his assembly, but they acted arrogantly and they were guilty people.
75:11  Indeed Abraham was patient, kind, and returning (in repentance).
75:12  They said: “Its punishment, for whomever that it is found in his saddlebag, is himself (becoming a slave) as punishment, that is how we punish the wrongdoers.”
75:15  Indeed there are signs in that for the clever ones.
75:16  God gave an example of an owned servant who has no power over anything, and someone whom We have provided him with good provision from Us and he spends from it secretly and openly, are they equal? All praise belongs to God, but most of them do not know.
75:17  Then We would have certainly made you taste double/multiple (punishment) in life and double/multiple in death, and you would not have found any helper against Us.
75:18  He said: “Did I not tell you that you can never be patient with me?”
75:19  Say: “Anyone who is in error, then the beneficent extends an extension to him (to continue on with their ways), until they see what they are promised, either the punishment or the Hour, then they are going to know who is in a worse position and weaker in forces.
75:20  And anyone who comes to Him as a believer who has done good then they will have high ranks (and status).
75:21  And We admitted him into Our mercy, indeed he was of the righteous.
75:22  God chooses messengers from the angels and from the people. Indeed God hears all and sees all.
75:23  And if We have mercy on them and remove what is with them from harm, they will persist in their rebellion, blindly wandering.
75:25  They will be rewarded with the chambers (in paradise) for what they persevered, and they will be met with welcome and peace (and well-being) in it,
75:26  He said: “Have you thought about what you have been serving,
75:27  and there is nothing hidden in the sky and on the earth unless it is in a clear book.
75:28  And We pull out a witness from every group, then We say: “Bring your proof.” Then they will know that the truth belongs to God, and what they used to fabricate has abandoned them.
75:36  they (those gods) cannot help them, while they are present for them (their gods) as (ready and loyal) troops.
75:37  And Noah had certainly called Us, and We are certainly the best of responders.
75:38  He (God) said: “Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating (and being humble) before what I created with My hands (and My power), are you arrogant or are you among the supreme ones?”
75:39  And you see the angels circling around the dominion, glorifying their Lord with His praise. And it is judged between them (the people) in truth, and it is said: “All praise belongs to God, the Lord of humankind.”
75:40  That is because you used to rejoice unjustifiably (and excessively) on the earth, and because you used to be self-conceited.
75:43  It is not reduced for them and they will be hopeless in it.
75:55  Then which of your Lord’s favors do you deny?
75:56  So I swear by positions of the stars,