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76:1  Did not a period of time come upon the human being that he was nothing to be mentioned
76:2  Indeed We created the human being from a mixture of fertilized egg (Zygote) to test him, and We made hearing and sight for him
76:3  Indeed We guided him to the way, whether he is grateful or whether he is ungrateful
76:4  We prepared chains and shackles and burning fire for the disbelievers
76:5  Indeed the good ones drink from a cup that its mixture is camphor
76:6  A spring that God's servants drink from it, they make it flow out, flowing out (as they please)
76:7  They fulfill the pledge and they are afraid of a day that its badness is wide spread
76:8  and they feed the food to poor and orphans and captives for His love
76:9  (saying:) we feed you only for God's sake, we don't want any reward or thanks from you
76:10  we are afraid of our Master in a harsh and distressful day
76:11  So God protected them from badness of that day and gave them vitality and happiness
76:12  And their reward for what they endured is garden and silk
76:13  Leaning on sofas in it, they do not see (burning) sun and bitter (freezing) cold in it
76:14  And its shades are close over them and its fruits are lowered, hanging low
76:15  And silver bowls and drinking glasses made of crystals are circulated among them
76:16  crystals like silver, they determine their measure (and size)
76:17  And in there, they are given drink from a cup that its mixture is ginger
76:18  from a spring in there called Salsabil
76:19  And immortal youth circulate among them, that when you see them you think they are scattered pearls
76:20  And when you see it, then you see delight and a great kingdom
76:21  There are clothes of fine green silk and brocade on them, and they are decorated with silver bracelets, and their Master gives them a pure drink to drink
76:22  Indeed this is a reward for you, and your effort is appreciated
76:23  Indeed We sent this Quran down to you gradually
76:24  So persevere (and be patient) for your Master's command, and do not obey any sinful or ungrateful (disbeliever) among them
76:25  And remember your Master’s name morning and afternoon
76:26  And during part of the night show your humbleness for Him, and glorify Him long during a night
76:27  Indeed these love the transient (this world’s life), and they leave a cumbersome day behind
76:28  We created them and We strengthened their form, and when We want We replace them with like them as a substitute
76:29  Indeed this (Quran) is a reminder, so anyone who wants takes a way to his Master (with it)
76:30  And you do not want except if God wants. Indeed God is knowledgeable and wise
76:31  He admits anyone He wants to His mercy, and He prepared a painful punishment for the wrongdoers