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87:1  Highly exalt the Name of yoursg Lord, the Most High,
87:2  Who created and proportioned;
87:3  and Who determined and guided;
87:4  and Who brought out the pasture,
87:5  then turned it into dark debris.
87:6  We shall make yousg recite such that you shall not forget—
87:7  except what Allah wills; indeed, He knows whatever is said aloud and whatever is hidden.
87:8  And We shall ease yousg towards ease.
87:9  So remindsg, if reminding can be of benefit.
87:10  The God-fearing will constantly remember,
87:11  but the wretched will avoid it—
87:12  he who will roast in the Gigantic Fire,
87:13  then he neither dies nor lives.
87:14  Surely, successful is the one who has purified himself
87:15  and remembered the name of his Lord and prayed.
87:16  Rather, youpl prefer the Earlier Life,
87:17  though the Hereafter is better and more lasting.
87:18  Most surely, this is in the former scrolls—
87:19  the Scrolls of Abraham and Moses.