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87:1  Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High
87:2  Who creates and fashions in due proportions
87:3  And Who determines (a particular life, nature, and goal for each creature), and guides (it toward the fulfillment of that goal)
87:4  And Who brings forth herbage
87:5  Then turns it to dark-colored, rotten stubble
87:6  (For the guidance of humankind,) We will establish the Qur’an in your heart and have you recite (it to others), so you will not forget (anything of it
87:7  Except what God wills. Surely He knows all that is manifest and all that is hidden (including your outward and inward states)
87:8  We will guide you to the easiest path (in all your affairs)
87:9  So remind and instruct (them in the truth), in case reminder and instruction may be of use
87:10  He who stands in awe of God will be mindful of the instruction
87:11  But the most wicked one remains aloof from it
87:12  He who will enter the Great Fire (of Hell) to roast
87:13  He will neither die therein (to be saved from punishment) nor live
87:14  Prosperous indeed is he who purifies himself (of sins, and of his wealth by spending from it in God’s cause and for the needy)
87:15  And who mentions the Name of his Lord and does the Prayer
87:16  But you (O humankind) are disposed to prefer the life of this world
87:17  While the Hereafter is better and more lasting
87:18  This is surely contained in the former Scrolls
87:19  The Scrolls of Abraham and Moses