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87:2  And We certainly gave Moses the book and followed him up with the messengers. And We gave Jesus, son of Mary, clear evidences and We supported him with the Holy Spirit. So why every time a messenger came to you with something that is against your desires, you were arrogant and you denied some and killed others?
87:3  Their punishment is that the curse of God and the angels and all the people is upon them,
87:4  God, there is no god except Him. He shall gather you on the Resurrection Day that there is no doubt about it. Whose saying is truer than God’s?
87:5  You who believe, do not make good things that God made lawful for you unlawful, and do not exceed the limits. God does not like those who exceed the limits.
87:6  And from their fathers and their descendants and their brothers, We chose some of them and guided them to a straight path.
87:7  And if there is a group of you who believe in what I was sent with it, and a group who do not believe, then persevere (and be patient) until God judges between us, and He is the best of judges.
87:9  They were happy being with those who remained behind, and their hearts are sealed so they would not understand.
87:10  And We revealed to Moses and his brother: “Settle your people in Egypt's houses, and make your houses face each other (or make them places of worship) and perform mandatory prayer, and give good news to the believers.”
87:11  They said: “Shu'aib, does your mandatory prayer instruct you that we should give up what our fathers served or (to give up) what we want to do with our wealth, you are certainly patient and sensible.”
87:12  my sons, go and look for Joseph and his brother, and do not lose hope of God’s kindness, indeed only the disbelieving people lose hope of God's kindness.”
87:15  We have given you seven of the repeated ones and the great Quran.
87:16  On that day, they yield the submission to God, and what they used to fabricate abandons them.
87:17  except a mercy from your Lord. Indeed His grace upon you is great.
87:18  He said: “As for anyone who does wrong, I will punish him then he is returned to his Lord and He punishes him with an awful punishment,
87:19  (On that day) no one will have the power of mediation except anyone who took a promise from the beneficent.
87:20  They said: “We did not break (our) promise to you on purpose, but we were made to carry a load of ornament from (Pharaoh’s) people, so we threw it (into fire) same as the Sumeri threw.”
87:21  And (remember) Zun-nun (man of the fish, Jonah), when he left in anger and he assumed that We will never be hard on him. Then he cried out from the darkness that there is no god except You, You are flawless (glory to You), indeed I was of the wrongdoers.
87:23  They are going to say: “God.” Say: “Will you not be cautious (of God)?”
87:26  and do not humiliate me on a day that they are raised,
87:27  And on a day that the horn is blown, everyone in the skies and everyone on the earth are scared except those whom God wants, and they all come to Him humbled.
87:28  And do not let them turn you away from God’s signs after it was sent down to you, and invite (people) to your Lord, and do not be of the idolaters.
87:37  So what do you think about the Lord of humankind?”
87:38  This (Quran) is only a reminder for humankind.
87:43  And if you ask them who created them? They shall say: “God.” So, how are they deviated (from the truth)?
87:56  you return it (the soul to the body), if you are truthful?