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87:1  PRAISE the name of thy Lord THE MOST HIGH
87:2  Who hath created and balanced all things
87:3  Who hath fixed their destinies and guideth them
87:4  Who bringeth forth the pasture
87:5  And reduceth it to dusky stubble
87:6  We will teach thee to recite the Koran, nor aught shalt thou forget
87:7  Save what God pleaseth; for he knoweth alike things manifest and hidden
87:8  And we will make easy to thee our easy ways
87:9  Warn, therefore, for the warning is profitable
87:10  He that feareth God will receive the warning,
87:11  And the most reprobate only will turn aside from it
87:12  Who shall be exposed to the terrible fire
87:13  In which he shall not die, and shall not live
87:14  Happy he who is purified by Islam
87:15  And who remembereth the name of his Lord and prayeth
87:16  But ye prefer this present life
87:17  Though the life to come is better and more enduring
87:18  This truly is in the Books of old
87:19  The Books of Abraham and Moses