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87:1  Glorified be the name of your Lord Who is the Highest
87:2  Your Lord is the One Who created everything and then destined them to continue their lives toward perfection [confirmation of the theory of evolution]
87:3  Your Lord is the One Who guides his creatures to their final destiny
87:4  Your Lord is the One Who…
87:5  … colonize the earth with plants and then transfers it into a bunch of hay
87:6  Your Lord will endow you with the ability to recite as much as…
87:7  …. He desires so that you do not forget. God knows everything which is hidden and everything which is clear and obviou
87:8  God hereby promises to make your path easy to pave
87:9  Keep God in your mind and recite His words constantly
87:10  The one who keeps God in mind will be mindful of his every action
87:11  Only the wicked people will avoid God’s remembrance
87:12  Those who forget God will…
87:13  … end up in the great Hell Fire where they will neither die nor enjoy the life
87:14  The successful one is indeed the one who purifies his soul and…
87:15  …. glorifies the name of his Lord and worship him on regular basis
87:16  Mankind should realize that this worldly life is worth nothing;…
87:17  …. it is life after death which is worth and ever lasting
87:18  The above mentioned fact is not something new
87:19  It was mentioned longtime ago in the scriptures revealed to Abraham and Moses