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75:1  Nay, (it is not like what you imagine,) I swear by the Day of Resurrection
75:2  And I swear by the self-reproaching soul (at the doing of an evil deed as an evidence to the truth of Final Resurrection)
75:3  Does a human-being think that We will not assemble his bones? (We will indeed.
75:4  No doubt, We have the power to reproduce him to a complete form even to the very tips of his fingers
75:5  (His denial of Resurrection is because) a human being likes to continue in his evil ways in (the life) that is before him (without fearing the consequences of his deeds)
75:6  He asks (with contempt and doubt), `When shall the Day of Resurrection come to be?
75:7  (It shall be the day) when the sight (of a person) is confused (and he is confounded for being unable to find the right course)
75:8  And the moon will eclipse
75:9  And the sun and the moon will be brought together
75:10  The human being shall say on that day, `Whither to flee?
75:11  To nowhere at all, there is no refuge
75:12  Upon that day the recourse shall be to your Lord
75:13  Upon that day every soul shall be informed about all his commissions and omissions
75:14  Rather a human being is himself well-aware of his own self (and so himself is a witness against his own soul)
75:15  (No excuse will be accepted from him) even though he puts forth his (all possible) excuses, (to prove his innocence)
75:16  (Prophet! when We reveal the Qur'an) do not move your tongue (with a mind) to repeat (this revelation in order to commit it to your memory) hurriedly
75:17  The responsibility of its collection and its arrangement lies on Us
75:18  When We recite it, then follow its recitation
75:19  The responsibility of explaining it lies again on Us
75:20  Behold! you people love the present transient (life)
75:21  And neglect the Hereafter
75:22  On that day some faces will be fresh, beaming and bright
75:23  Looking (absorbed in the vision of) their Lord
75:24  And also on that day some faces will look gloomy and dismal
75:25  Because they will realise that a back breaking calamity is about to befall them
75:26  Behold! when it (- the soul of a dying person) reaches the throat (to leave his body in death
75:27  And (when those around the dying person say), `Who is the physician to cure and save him?
75:28  And he himself realizes that it is the (time of) parting
75:29  And one shank rubs against the other (in death agony) and one distress will be combined with another distress (for the departing soul)
75:30  On that day people will be driven towards your Lord (to reap the fruit of the deeds done in this life)
75:31  For this person (being unmindful of the consequences) neither accepted the truth nor offered Prayer
75:32  Rather he cried lies (to the truth and the Prophet) and turned away (refusing to obey His commandments)
75:33  Then he went to his kinsfolk strutting along (in false pride)
75:34  Woe be to you! then woe upon woe (in this very life)
75:35  Again (in the Hereafter) woe be to you, then woe upon woe
75:36  Does a person think that he will be left alone without purpose
75:37  Was he not a small drop of semen ejected (into a proper place)
75:38  (Which drop) then became a clot of blood, then He fashioned (him through various stages) and perfected (him in his make)
75:39  Then He made of him a pair, the male and the female
75:40  Has not such a One (Who creates from an inanimate source) the power of raising the (physically and spiritually) dead to life