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75:1  I swear by the day of resurrection.
75:2  And I swear by the self-depreciating soul.
75:3  Does man count on Us not gathering his bones?
75:4  For sure, We are able to restore his fingertips.
75:5  But man wants to contradict what lies before him.
75:6  He asks: when will the day of resurrection be?
75:7  Then when the eyes are dazed,
75:8  And the moon has disappeared,
75:9  And the sun and the moon have collided,
75:10  Man says that day: where is the escape?
75:11  But no, no shelter!
75:12  To your Lord is the destination that day.
75:13  That day man will be told what he sent ahead and what he left behind.
75:14  But man is observant of himself.
75:15  Even if he offers excuses.
75:16  Do no pronounce it (the Qur´an) in a hurry,
75:17  Upon Us is to collate and recite it,
75:18  Then once We have recited it, follow its recitation.
75:19  Then Upon Us is its explanation.
75:20  But no, you love the immediate life,
75:21  And abandon the hereafter.
75:22  Faces will shine on that day,
75:23  Looking towards their Lord,
75:24  And faces will be gloomy that day,
75:25  Suspecting that the worst will happen to them.
75:26  But no, when it (the soul of the dying person) reaches the collarbone,
75:27  And it is said: who will carry it up?
75:28  And He knows that it is the departure.
75:29  And agony will be heaped upon agony.
75:30  To your Lord is the journey that day.
75:31  Yet he did not confirm the truth nor pray.
75:32  But he denied and turned away.
75:33  Then he went proudly to his family.
75:34  Woe to you and woe again.
75:35  Once more, woe to you and woe again.
75:36  Does man count on being left to his own devices?
75:37  Was he not a sperm in an ejaculated fluid?
75:38  Then he was an implant, then He created and shaped (it),
75:39  And produced from it male and female in pairs.
75:40  Is He then not able to revive the dead?