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75:1  I call to witness the Day of Resurrection.
75:2  I call to witness the self-reproaching spirit.
75:3  Does humanity think that We cannot assemble his/her bones?
75:4  Certainly, We are able to put together in perfect order even the very tips of his/her fingers.
75:5  But humanity prefers to debase whatever is in front of him/her.
75:6  The question is asked, “When is the Day of Resurrection?”
75:7  When the sight is dazed!
75:8  And the moon is eclipsed!
75:9  And the sun and moon merge!
75:10  That day people will ask, “Where do we go for refuge?”
75:11  By no means will there be a place of safety.
75:12  To your Lord, that day, will be destiny.
75:13  That day humanity will be confronted with every positive and every negative deed.
75:14  Every person will be his/her own witness,…
75:15  …even if he/she makes excuses.
75:16  Do not move your tongue in haste while reciting the Qur’an [without taking time to understand it].
75:17  It is up to Us to render it and to recite it.
75:18  Once We have recited it, follow its narration.
75:19  Then it is up to Us to explain it.
75:20  Bunk! (People) love this fleeting life…
75:21  …and ignore the hereafter.
75:22  Some faces that day [of resurrection] will beam,…
75:23  …looking towards their Lord.
75:24  Some faces that day will be dismal…
75:25  …in the thought of some calamity about to be inflicted.
75:26  Undoubtedly, when (the final breath) reaches the throat,…
75:27  …there will be a cry: “Who can save?”
75:28  (The dying person) will conclude that it is his/her turn to go.
75:29  One leg is joined with the other leg [as death pulls the soul from the body].
75:30  On that day, compulsion will be to your Lord!
75:31  He/she gave nothing in charity and never prayed.
75:32  On the contrary, he/she rejected truth and ignored it.
75:33  He/she arrogantly returned to his/her family [with its poor, family values].
75:34  Woe to you! Yes, woe!
75:35  Again, woe to you! Yes, woe!
75:36  Does humanity think that he/she will be left disregarded?
75:37  Was he/she not a single cell of sperm emitted?
75:38  He/she then became a clot clinging [to the uterine wall]. (Allah) designed (humanity) in due proportion.
75:39  Of him He made two genders –male and female.
75:40  Does He not then have the power to give life to the dead?