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75:1  I swear by the Day of Resurrection,
75:2  and I swear by the self-reproaching person (believer)!
75:3  Does mankind think that We shall not assemble their bones?
75:4  Yes, We are Able to put together in perfect order very tips of their fingers.
75:5  But mankind desires to continue committing sins.
75:6  He (mankind) asks: “When will be this Day of Resurrection?”
75:7  So, (it will come) when the sight will be dazed,
75:8  the moon will be eclipsed,
75:9  and the sun and moon will be joined together:
75:10  on that Day mankind will say: “Where (is the refuge) to flee?”
75:11  No! There will be no refuge!
75:12  On that Day, the place of rest will only be to your Lord.
75:13  On that Day mankind will be informed of (their deeds) what they sent forward and what they left behind.
75:14  Nay! Mankind will be witness against themselves (body parts will speak about deeds),
75:15  though they may put forth their excuses (to cover evil deeds).
75:16  (O Muhammad) don’t move your tongue with it (the Qur’an) to make haste therewith (to memorize the Verses),
75:17  surely, it is upon Us to collect it and give you (O Muhammad) the ability to recite it (the Qur’an),
75:18  and when We have recited it to you (O Muhammad through Gabriel), then you follow its (the Qur’an’s) recitation,
75:19  then surely, it is for Us to make it clear to you,
75:20  nay but you (mankind) love the present life of this world,
75:21  and leave the Hereafter.
75:22  On that Day, some faces will be radiant,
75:23  looking towards their Lord.
75:24  On that Day, other faces will be gloomy,
75:25  thinking that some calamity is about to fall on them.
75:26  Nay, when it (soul) reaches to the collar bone (up to the throat in its exit),
75:27  and it will be said: “Who can cure (save from death)?”
75:28  He (dying person) will conclude that it was the time of departure (death);
75:29  and one leg will be joined with another leg (shrouded);
75:30  on that Day, the drive will be to your Lord!
75:31  So the he (disbeliever) neither believed nor prayed;
75:32  but (on the contrary) he denied (this Qur’an) and turned away!
75:33  Then he walked to his family admiring himself!
75:34  Woe to you (disbeliever)! And then (again) woe to you!
75:35  (Again) woe to you (disbeliever)! And then (again) woe to you!
75:36  Does the human think that it will be left (to wander) without requital (any purpose)?
75:37  Was the human not a drop of emitted semen?
75:38  Then he became a hanging clot; then (Allah) created and fashioned him in due proportion,
75:39  and made him either of the 2 sexes, male and female.
75:40  Is not He Able to give life to the dead?