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75:1  swear by the Day of Resurrection
75:2  And I swear by the blaming soul
75:3  Does man suppose that We shall not gather his bones
75:4  Nay! But We are able to fashion even his fingers and toes
75:5  But man desires to defile what lies before him
75:6  asking, “When is the Day of Resurrection?
75:7  Then when the eyes are dazzled
75:8  and the moon is eclipsed
75:9  and the sun and the moon are brought together
75:10  that Day man will say, “Where is the escape?
75:11  Nay! But there shall be no refuge
75:12  Unto your Lord that Day is the dwelling place
75:13  Man shall be informed that Day of that which he has sent forth and of that which he has left behind
75:14  Indeed, man shall be a testimony against himself
75:15  though he proffers his excuses
75:16  Move not thy tongue therewith to hasten it
75:17  Surely it is for Us to gather it and to recite it
75:18  So when We recite it, follow its recitation
75:19  Then surely it is for Us to explain it
75:20  Nay! But you love the ephemeral
75:21  and forsake the Hereafter
75:22  Faces that Day shall be radiant
75:23  gazing upon their Lord
75:24  And faces that Day shall be scowling
75:25  knowing that a spine-crushing calamity will befall them
75:26  Nay! But when it reaches the collarbones
75:27  and it is said, “Who will [make him] ascend?
75:28  And he knows for certain that it is the parting
75:29  and the shank is intertwined with the shank
75:30  Unto thy Lord that Day is the driving
75:31  For he neither confirmed nor prayed
75:32  but he denied and turned away
75:33  then went to his people swaggering
75:34  So nearer to you! And nearer
75:35  Then nearer to you! And nearer
75:36  Does man suppose that he would be left aimless
75:37  Was he not a drop of semen emitted
75:38  Then he was a blood clot; whereupon He created, then fashioned
75:39  and made from him the two genders, male and female
75:40  Is not such a one able to give life to the dead