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75:1  By the reality of the Doomsday;
75:2  And the self-accusing self (nafs-i lawwama);
75:3  Does man think We will not assemble his bones?
75:4  Indeed! We even have the power to proportion his fingertips (produce a precise reformation of his fingerprints)!
75:5  But no! Man goes to excess despite what awaits him (life after death)!
75:6  They ask, “When is the time of Doomsday (the experience of death)?
75:7  When your vision is dazzled,
75:8  And the Moon is eclipsed,
75:9  And when the Sun and the Moon come together!
75:10  At that time, man will say, “Where can we escape?”
75:11  No, there is no place of refuge (outside)!
75:12  At that time, the permanent settlement (of every individual) is with his Rabb!
75:13  At that time, man will be told of all the things he put forward (accomplished) and left behind (postponed, failed to do).
75:14  (The truth is) man is the evaluator of his own self! (Remember 17:14 “Read your book [knowledge] of life! Sufficient for you is your individual consciousness at this stage to discern the consequences of your actions.”)
75:15  Whatever excuse he presents (it will make no difference)!
75:16  Do not repeat it with your tongue to hasten (its memorization).
75:17  Indeed, upon Us is its compilation and its recitation.
75:18  So when We recite it, follow its recitation!
75:19  Then upon Us is its clarification (disclosure).
75:20  But no! You love the immediate (the world);
75:21  And leave the eternal life to come!
75:22  At that time faces will shine.
75:23  Looking at their Rabb.
75:24  And many faces at that time will be frowning!
75:25  They (with frowning faces) will feel their backs breaking...
75:26  No! When the life reaches the collarbones;
75:27  “Who will save him from death?”
75:28  He will know with certainty that it is the time of the known separation!
75:29  And the feet will be intertwined!
75:30  To your Rabb will be the dispatch at that time!
75:31  For he neither confirmed, nor established salat (turned to his Rabb)...
75:32  But denied and turned away!
75:33  And then went back to his people full of pride and arrogance.
75:34  Deserving you are, deserving you are!
75:35  Again, deserving you are, yes deserving you are!
75:36  Does man think he will be left to his own accord?
75:37  Was he not once a drop of sperm?
75:38  Which then became a clot (genetic structure), and (Allah) created him and proportioned him (according to his creational purpose).
75:39  And made of him two partners, the male (consciousness – active energy) and the female (the body – the receptive energy).
75:40  Is this (the system and order of Allah who made all of this) not Qadir to give life to the dead?