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75:1  No, I do swear by the day of resurrection,
75:2  no,! and I do swear by the self-accusing soul (the conscience).
75:3  Does man think that We will not gather his bones?
75:4  Why not! We are able to put in order his very finger tips.
75:5  No, man intends to exceed the limits (set) before him.
75:6  He asks, “When is the day of resurrection?”
75:7  (It will be) then, when the sight will be dazzled,
75:8  and the moon will sink
75:9  when the sun and the moon will be brought together .
75:10  Man will say on that day, “Where is the place to flee?”
75:11  By no means ! (there is) no place of refuge.
75:12  The only place to stay on that day, will be near your Fosterer.
75:13  Man will be informed on that day about what he had sent before him (preferred) and what he had put (behind his) back (i.e. he will be informed of his priorities).
75:14  No, man will be a witness against his own soul,
75:15  though he will put forward his excuses.
75:16  (While reciting the Quran) do not move your tongue (fast) with it (so as to) make haste with it.
75:17  (The responsibility of) collecting it and reciting it, is certainly on Us.
75:18  Therefore when We recite it, then follow its recitation.
75:19  Then (the responsibility of) its explanation (too), is certainly on Us.
75:20  No, but you love that which hastens away (life of this world)
75:21  and neglect the hereafter.
75:22  Faces on that day will be radiant (with happiness)
75:23  looking towards their Fosterer,
75:24  and (other) faces on that day will be gloomy
75:25  expecting that (some) disaster is to fall on them.
75:26  No, when the (soul) reaches the throat
75:27  and it is said, “Who could be a magician (or a physician to save his life)?”
75:28  And he expects that it is (the time of) parting,
75:29  and one ankle is joined with (the other) ankle,
75:30  towards your Fosterer, on that day, will be the driving.
75:31  So he neither accepted the truth nor worshipped (offered salat)
75:32  but denied and turned back.
75:33  Then he went to his people, walking boastfully.
75:34  Sorrow upon sorrow for you,
75:35  again sorrow upon sorrow for you.
75:36  Does man think that he (was created) to be left off without (fulfilling) any purpose?
75:37  Was he not a sperm in the seminal fluid which is emitted?
75:38  Then it became something that clings and hangs like a leech, so He proportioned it then set it in equilibrium.
75:39  Then He made from it two kinds, the male and the female.
75:40  Is He not able to give life to the dead ?