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75:1  Nay, [man's negative thinking on Resurrection is not right!] I do swear by the Day of Resurrection
75:2  And, nay! I do swear by the self-reproaching soul [that man's negative thinking on Resuuection is not right!
75:3  Does man think that We shall not be able to collect his bones
75:4  Yes, We have the power to restore [even] his fingertips.h
75:5  But, man desires to go on doing evil in what lies ahead of him [in worldly life]
75:6  He asks, "When will the Day of Resurrection be?"
75:7  So when the sight is dazzled
75:8  And the moon disappears
75:9  And the sun and the moon are joined
75:10  Man will ask that Day, "Where is the exit?"
75:11  No! No escape
75:12  With your Lord that day is the journey's end
75:13  Man will be informed that Day what he had sent ahead and what he had left behind [undone].h
75:14  Man would rather be a witness against himsel
75:15  Even though he may put up excuses
75:16  Move not [O Prophet] your tongue with it [revelation] to make haste with it
75:17  Its collection and recital does indeed rest on Us
75:18  So when We recite it, attentively follow its recitation
75:19  Then, indeed, it is for Us to make its meaning clear
75:20  Nay, you [mankind] would rather love the fleeting present
75:21  And neglect the Hereafter
75:22  Faces that day will be bright
75:23  Looking at their Lord expectantly
75:24  And faces that day will be despondent
75:25  Expecting a great disaster to befall them
75:26  Behold! When in pangs of death
75:27  And question raised, "Any magician [who could save him]?"
75:28  And he thought it was the time for parting
75:29  And the leg was put close to the [other] leg
75:30  To your Lord was the direction that day
75:31  And neither did he stand by the truth nor did he pray
75:32  And, on the other hand, he denied the Truth and turned his face away
75:33  And then he went back to his people boasting [telling them how `bravely' he denied the Truth]
75:34  [The Truth is drawing] nearer and nearer to you [O dying man]
75:35  To repeat, [the Truth is drawing] nearer and nearer to you [O dying man]!
75:36  Does man think that he will be left to fend for himself?
75:37  Was he not a tiny ovum fertilised by sperm emitted
75:38  Then he became a leech-like clinging clot of curdled blood; and He created him and set his shape right
75:39  Then He made from him pairs: male and female
75:40  Is not That One [the Creator] powerful enough to give life to the dead!?