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75:1  I swear by the Day of Judgment
75:2  And I swear by the soul which is self blaming
75:3  Does man think that We will not gather his bone
75:4  Indeed, We were able to make his fingertips
75:5  No, man desires that he continue committing sins
75:6  He asks: "When is the Day of Resurrection"
75:7  So, when the sight is dazzled
75:8  And the moon is eclipsed
75:9  And the sun and moon are joined together
75:10  Man will say on that Day: "Where can I escape!"
75:11  No. There is no refuge
75:12  To your Lord on that Day is the abode
75:13  Man will be told on that Day what he has put forward, and what he has done
75:14  No, man will testify against himself
75:15  Even though he puts forth his excuses
75:16  Do not move your tongue with it to make haste
75:17  It is for Us to gather it and relate it
75:18  So when We relate it, you shall follow its revelation
75:19  Then it is for Us to clarify it
75:20  Alas, you all like this world
75:21  And neglect the Hereafter
75:22  Faces on that Day will be shining
75:23  Looking at their Lord
75:24  And faces on that Day will be gloomy
75:25  Thinking that a punishment is coming to them
75:26  Alas, when it reaches the throat
75:27  And it will be said: "Who can save him"
75:28  And he assumes it is the time of passing
75:29  And the leg is buckled around the other leg
75:30  To your Lord on that Day he will be driven
75:31  For he did not believe nor reach out
75:32  But he denied and turned away
75:33  Then he went to his family admiring himself
75:34  Woe to you and woe to you
75:35  Then woe to you and woe to you
75:36  Did man think that he will be left neglecte
75:37  Was he not a seed from sperm put fort
75:38  Then he was a clot, so he was created and developed
75:39  Then He made the two pairs, male and female
75:40  Is One as such then not able to resurrect the dea