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75:1  No! I swear by the Day of Resurrection
75:2  No! I swear by the reproachful soul
75:3  What, does the human think We shall never gather his bones
75:4  Indeed yes, We are able to shape his fingerstips yet again
75:5  Rather, the human desires to continue in his immorality
75:6  'When will the Day of Resurrection be? ' he asks
75:7  but when the sight is daze
75:8  and the moon eclipsed
75:9  when the sun and moon are gathered togethe
75:10  on that Day the human will ask: 'To (which place) shall I flee?
75:11  No, there shall be no (place of) refuge
75:12  For on that Day the refuge shall be to your Lord
75:13  On that Day the human shall be informed of his former and latter deeds
75:14  He shall be a clear proof against himself
75:15  even though he offers his excuses
75:16  Do not move your tongue with it (the Revelation) to hasten it
75:17  It's gathering and reciting is upon Us
75:18  When We recite it, follow its recitation
75:19  It's explanation is upon Us
75:20  Yet you love this hasty worl
75:21  and are heedless of the Everlasting Life
75:22  On that Day there shall be radiant faces
75:23  gazing towards their Lord
75:24  And on that Day there shall be scowling faces
75:25  so they might think the Calamity had been inflicted upon them
75:26  But, when (the soul) reaches the collar bon
75:27  and it is said: 'Who is a healing chanter?
75:28  and when he thinks it is the time of departur
75:29  and when leg is intertwined with leg
75:30  upon that Day the driving shall be to your Lord
75:31  Because, he neither believed nor prayed
75:32  he belied the truth and turned away
75:33  then went arrogantly to his household
75:34  Near to you and nearer
75:35  then nearer to you and nearer
75:36  Does the human think he will be left to roam at will
75:37  What, was he not an ejaculated drop (of sperm)
75:38  Then he was a clot of blood, then He created and formed hi
75:39  and made from him two kinds, male and female
75:40  What, is He then unable to revive the dead