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75:1  I need not swear by the resurrection day
75:2  Nor need I swear by the self-accusing soul
75:3  Does man think that we shall not collect his bones
75:4  Able are we to arrange his finger tips
75:5  Nay, but man wishes to be wicked henceforward
75:6  he asks, When is the resurrection day
75:7  But when the sight shall be dazed
75:8  and the moon be eclipsed
75:9  and the sun and the moon be together
75:10  and man shall say upon that day, 'Where is a place to flee to?'
75:11  nay, no refuge
75:12  and to thy Lord that day is the sure settlement
75:13  He will inform man on that day of what He has sent forward or delayed
75:14  Nay, man is an evidence against himself
75:15  and even if he thrusts forward his excuses
75:16  Do not move thy tongue thereby to hasten it
75:17  It is for us to collect it and to read it
75:18  and when we read it then follow its reading
75:19  And again it is for us to explain it
75:20  Nay, indeed, but ye love the transient life
75:21  and ye neglect the hereafter
75:22  Faces on that day shall be bright
75:23  gazing on their Lord
75:24  And faces on that day shall be dismal
75:25  Thou wilt think that a back-breaking calamity has happened to them
75:26  Nay, but when the [soul] comes up into the throat
75:27  and it is said, 'Who will charm it back?
75:28  and he will think that it is his parting [hour]
75:29  And leg shall be pressed on leg
75:30  unto thy Lord on that day shall the driving be
75:31  For he did not believes and did not pray
75:32  but he said it was a lie, and turned his back
75:33  Then he went to his people haughtily
75:34  woe to thee, and woe to thee
75:35  again woe to thee, and woe to thee
75:36  Does man think that he shall be left to himself
75:37  Wasn't he a clot of emitted seed
75:38  Then he was congealed blood, and (God) created him, and fashioned him
75:39  and made of him pairs, male and female
75:40  Is not He able to quicken the dead