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30:1  A.L.M
30:2  The Romans have been defeated [by the Iranian army]…
30:3  in your neighborhood but pretty soon they will be victorious with the help of God…&hellip
30:4  When this prophecy is fulfilled, the believers will rejoice of the fulfillment of God’s promise (prophecy), God helps whoever He wants;…
30:5  indeed God is the Mightiest and the Most Merciful
30:6  God always keeps His promise but most people simply do not get it
30:7  People are so engaged in this worldly life that they are careless about Hereafter
30:8  Don’t people ever think about the creation of the earth, the heavens and whatever is between to realize that there is a purpose behind this creation and that all this is not created in vain and on a whim? The whole universe has a life span determined in advance by God;what a shame that most people think this life will last forever and that they will never stand in front of their Creator [to be accountable for their deeds.]
30:9  Do the people not travel and see what happened to the disbelievers before them? They used to be more powerful, more prosperous and more advanced. It was not God who was unjust to them. [On the contrary,] God [out of His mercy] sent them Prophets with undeniable miracles [to guide them to the right path.] It was they who were unjust to their own soul [and chose the wrong path.]
30:10  Evil was the end of those who chose to be evil by making fun of the Lord’s revelations
30:11  God is the One Who originates the creation with a re-production mechanism in it. To God is the final return of all
30:12  When it comes the time that all should stand in front of the Lord, the guilty ones are for the shock of their life
30:13  Then none of those whom they worshipped beside the Lord [their idols, women, wealth, “superiors”, etc.] can be of any help to them. That is when they will sincerely believe in the oneness of God
30:14  On the Day of Resurrection the mankind will be divided into two groups: the successful ones and those who failed.]
30:15  Those who believed and did good deeds will be sent to live happily ever after in the garden of Paradise
30:16  The second group, who chose to cover the truth, reject the revelations of the Lord, and make fun of the Hereafter, will be presented for being sentenced to punishment
30:17  So [now that you know there is justice after all and that your good deeds will not be in vain,] worship your Lord at night and early in the morning
30:18  Only God deserves to be thanked for and praised by whatever [which has consciousness] in the earth and in the heavens. Therefore, worship your Lord early and late afternoon
30:19  God is the One Who gives life to dead things [all living species are made of the matter which by its very definition is dead] and makes a living being die [a dead corps was a living being just a few seconds ago!] He gives life [in front of your very own eyes] to a dead land, [how can you then deny the resurrection which takes place in front of your eyes every day?]. Likewise, you, too, will be resurrected
30:20  One of the miracles [denoting the existence] of God is your very own creation from the matter and then letting you colonize the earth
30:21  Another sign of the existence of God is the creation of your spouses from your own species so that [you do not suffer from loneliness and that] you may find tranquility [living next to each other.] It is God who sparks love between you. There are many subjects to reflect about this topic for those who use their brains
30:22  Another miracle [denoting the existence of God] is the creation of the heavens and the earth as well as difference in your languages [and cultures] and skin colors. Surely there are many lessons in these subjects for the learned ones [it is a fact that the difference is the vehicle of the growth. Similarity leads to decay. As a matter of fact there are not two ice crystals similar in the whole universe. It is through healthy competition that the creation expands.]
30:23  Another sign of the existence of God is your sleeping at night, or during the day, so that [your batteries are recharged and] you may work for your livelihood. Again there are many subjects to be learnt from this topic for those who hear
30:24  Another sign [denoting the existence of God] is the lightening that makes you fear [of being struck with or wood fires] and, at the same time, hope [for a better harvest.] God is the One Who pours down water from the sky to revive the land after its death. In this too there are many lessons to be learnt from by those who think
30:25  Among His proof [of existence] is [not only the creation of the universe but also] the continuous functioning of the creation by His order. As soon as God summons you with one call from the earth, you will all rush to meet your Lord
30:26  To God belongs whatever which exists in the heavens and the earth. Everything has to follow His commands [man is given a small degree of the freedom of choice in order to be tested.]
30:27  God is the One Who starts the process of creation and then puts in it a mechanism so that the creation reproduces itself and this [resurrection of yours] is [much] easier for Him [than your original creation that you yourself are witnessing.] To God belongs the best names and attributes in the heaven and the earth; He is the Allmighty, the Most Wise
30:28  Consider your own religious chants [the pagans were used to chant in their pilgrimage to Mecca: “O God, we worship you as well as those whom you have chosen as your partners!] Would you ever chose your own slaves as your partners? Then why should God choose his own creatures as His partner? This is the way that God presents His arguments so that the disbelievers use common sense [and not worship anyone beside the Lord.]
30:29  What a shame that the wicked ones are following their own [lowly] desires without thinking about its consequences. Who can guide a person [like these wicked people who deserve to be] misled by God? No one can help them
30:30  Therefore, [forget about these lost causes] and devote yourself to [Islam which is] the purest religion which satisfies the spiritual needs of mankind. Man’s nature [and his spiritual needs], as programmed by God, can not be changed and this [Islam] is a perfect religion for mankind. What a shame that most people do not realize it
30:31  Submit yourself wholly to God, have the utmost respect toward your Lord [and keep Him always in mind], Worship your Lord on regular basis (at least five times a day) and do not be one of those who worship beside the Lord
30:32  The latter are those who [like Christians] divided themselves into different sects [each one adding their own man-made rules to the natural religion which was originally offered to them by God through His Prophets] each enjoying what pleases them
30:33  when people are in trouble, they turn whole man needs to worship God. If he denies the Lord, he will end up worshipping false gods (idols, women, money, superiors, movie stars, ball players, etc.) heartedly to the Lord. When God, out of His mercy removes the hardship, some of them return to their practice of worshipping beside God
30:34  This is their way of showing their ingratitude for My favors! That is fine, enjoy your life for a while and then you will see [its consequences with your own eyes.]
30:35  On what basis do they attribute My favors on them to other gods
30:36  When I shower people with some favor, they welcome and enjoy it. When, in account of their [ungrateful] behavior, they are caught in a distressful situation, they loose faith
30:37  Can they not understand that God [in order to try people in wealth and poverty] gives some more and some less? In this unequal distribution of income there is much food for thought for those who think
30:38  Therefore, if you are blessed with the Lord’s favor, give the right of your relatives, needy people and the stranded travelers [and not treat them like the “transients”]. This [voluntary] contribution is the best mean to have the Lord’s attention. Such charitable people are the true successful ones
30:39  If you pay interest to someone who has loaned you money, you have not increased his wealth in the sight of God. The only way that a wealthy person may increase his “wealth” at the sight of God is through charity aimed to please God
30:40  God is the One Who has created you, then He assigned for you a provision to live, then He will make you taste the death and, finally, He will bring you back to life. Is there any of those whom you adore capable of doing any of the above mentioned things? Glorified is God and far above having a partner [like Jesus Christ] as the disbelievers believe
30:41  Man spreads evil in the land and the sea. God [out of His mercy] may make some wrongdoers [which there is still hope for them] to taste the result of their evil works in this life so that [after having a shock] they come to their senses and return to the right path
30:42  Say, “Travel around and see with your own eyes the ruins of the historical nations. Most of them were doomed in account of worshipping others beside God
30:43  Therefore, devote yourself whole heartedly to this perfect religion before the arrival of the Day on which God will not give you any second chance. How shocked will be people on that Day
30:44  The one who chooses the disbelief, is hurting his own soul. The one who chooses a righteous life, on the contrary, strengthens his soul
30:45  God will reward generously those who believe and lead a righteous life. Indeed God does not like those who cover the truth
30:46  You may find the proof of [the existence and the greatness of] the Lord in the winds that He sends to carry the good news of approaching rain clouds and let the ships to sail by His Command so that you find your provision and be grateful to your Lord
30:47  I (God) sent the Prophets with undeniable miracles to the previous nations. When their disbelievers denied the truth, I took vengeance on the guilty ones. Indeed it was My obligation to help the believers
30:48  It is God Who creates the winds to stir up the clouds and then takes them wherever He pleases. When He orders the rain drops to fall,…
30:49  His servants who were desperate for rain become happy
30:50  Look around and find out the signs of your Lord’s mercy in reviving the dead land [to provide food for you.] He will bring you back to life after death in the same manner. God is capable of doing everything
30:51  Now if I [try their belief and] send a [heat wave or frosty] wind to turn their crops [which is grown by the God sent rain at first place] yellow, they will become even more firm in their disbelief
30:52  [O’ Mohammad,] you can not deliver your message to a dead person, nor can you make the deaf to here your call. What can you co, if they turn away and show their back
30:53  Nor can you guide a blind [who is not willing to hold a guiding hand.] Only those people hear you who believe in My revelations and chose to become [firmer and firmer] submitters (Muslims.
30:54  God is the One Who creates you as a weak individual, then made you stronger and stronger and then turned you into a weak person in your old ages. God [in this manner shows where man's strength originates from and] creates whatever He wills. God is the most knowledgeable and have power over everything
30:55  When man is resurrected, the wrongdoers swear that their whole life was not more than an hour long! For the same token, they were wrong in other perceptions of theirs [about other matters that they used to deny as they did not have any understanding of what the truth is all about.]
30:56  The response of those who chose the belief and [in consequence] got the knowledge will be: "According to the book of God [and unlike your relative impression of the passage of time] you lived a full life till this Day of your resurrection. However, you did not realize it [and missed your opportunity.]"
30:57  On that Day, no excuse of the wrongdoers will be accepted; nor will they be given any opportunity to please the Lord
30:58  In this Qur'an, I (God) have cited every sort of arguments [aimed at different people at different levels]. However, no matter what kind of miracle or reasoning you come up with, the disbelievers will say that you are on the wrong path
30:59  This is why God seals the hearts of those who refuse the knowledge [so that they slide further toward the darkness as a punishment for their refusal.]
30:60  Be patient; know that God's promise is true and do not be intimidated by those who have lost their opportunity to believe