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4:1  O humanity, be reverent toward your Lord who created you from one soul and created its mate from it, and from these two disseminated many men and women. Be reverent toward God by whom you ask of each other, and be reverent toward relationships; for God is
4:2  And give orphans their property without exchanging bad for good or consuming their wealth commingled with your own, for that is a grave misdeed.
4:3  And if you fear you may not be able to do justice by the orphans, then marry women who please you, two, three, or four; but if you fear you may not be able to treat them equitably, then marry one, or a ward in your custody: that would be more fitting,_ so
4:4  And give the women their dowries as gifts; but if they favor you with anything from it of their own accord, then enjoy it as wholesome and salutary.
4:5  And do not give to incompetents your property that God has granted you for subsistence, but provide for them from it, and clothe them, and speak fair words to them.
4:6  And test orphans until they reach the age of marriage; and if you perceive in them integrity and reason, then tum their property over to them. And do not consume it in extravagance, or in a hurry before their majority. And let one who is rich take nothing
4:7  There is a portion for men from what is left by their parents and closest kin, and there is a portion for women from what is left by their parents and closest kin: whether there is little or much, there is a determined portion.
4:8  And when relatives, orphans, or paupers are present at the division, then give them something of it, and speak fair words to them.
4:9  And be as apprehensive as those who leave behind them helpless children fear for them; and be wary of God, and speak to them fittingly.
4:10  For surely those who consume the property of orphans unjustly only ingest a fire; and they will be burning in a furious blaze.
4:26  God wants to clarify for you and guide you in the ways of those who were before you, and to turn toward you; for God is most knowing, most wise.
4:27  God wants to turn toward you, but the wish of those who follow their lusts is that you turn away, turn utterly from God.
4:28  God-wants to lighten your burden, for humanity was created weak.
4:29  O believers! Do not consume your wealth among yourselves in vain. But may there be trade out of mutual consent among you. And do not kill yourselves; for truly God has been merciful to you.
4:30  Anyone who does kill through enmity and oppression We will expose to fire; and that is easy for God.
4:31  If you avoid the gravest of what you are forbidden. We will blot out your sins and lead you into a noble entry.
4:32  And do not desire that with which God has graced some of you more than others: there is a portion for men from what they have earned, and there is a portion for women from what they have earned. But ask God from divine bounty. for God knows everything.
4:36  Serve God, and do not associate anything with God. And be good to your parents and relatives, and to orphans and paupers, and to neighbors close by and neighbors remote, and to the companion at your side, and to the traveler, and to your wards. For God do
4:37  those who are avaricious, or make others avaricious, and conceal what God has given them of divine grace. And We have prepared a humiliating torment for the ungrateful,
4:38  and those who spend their money to be seen by people without believing in God or the last day; and for those to whom the Perverter is an intimate, what a wretched companion!
4:39  And what burden would it be on them if they believed in God and the last day and spent charitably of what God provided them? And God has complete knowledge of them.
4:40  Verily God does not oppress unjustly, in the slightest measure: for if there is any good, God redoubles it, giving a great reward from the divine presence.
4:48  God does not pardon setting up partners to God but pardons anything else for anyone, by divine will. And whoever attributes partners to God has invented a serious wrong.
4:49  Have you not observed those who commend themselves? God, on the contrary, commends whom God will: and they will not be treated unjustly in the slightest degree.
4:50  Look how they invent falsehood about God; and that is sufficient in itself to be an obvious wrong.
4:51  Have you not observed those to whom was given a portion of the Book? They believe in idols and false deities, and say to skeptics they are better guided in a way than are those who believe.
4:52  They are those whom God has cursed. And for those whom God has cursed you will not find help.
4:53  Have they a part in the Dominion? Well then, look- They give people nothing.
4:58  God instructs you to redeem your pledges to the people due them; and when you judge between people, that you judge with justice. Excellent indeed is that which God advises you: for God hears and sees all.
4:85  Whoever intercedes with intervention for good partakes thereby of it; and whoever intercedes with intervention for ill shares thereby in it: and it is God who makes everything happen.
4:86  And when you are greeted with a salutation, offer a greeting nicer still, or at least return it; for God takes account of everything.
4:87  There is nothing worth worship but God: God will gather you together for the day of resurrection, in which there can be no doubt. And who is truer than God in speech!
4:97  To those whose lives the angels take while they are unjust to their own souls, the angels say, "What was your situation?” They say, "We were oppressed on earth." The angels say, “Was not God's earth broad enough for you to flee?" And their shelter is hell
4:98  Excepted are the oppressed men, women, and children who can do nothing about it and are not guided in any way:
4:99  for them it maybe that God will forgive them, for God does pardon, is very forgiving.
4:100  And whoever flees in the cause of God will find on the earth many a spacious refuge; and whoever leaves his home as a refugee unto God and the Messenger and then is overtaken by death is due his reward from God; and God is most forgiving, most merciful.
4:105  We have sent the Book to you with truth, that you may judge among people by what God has shown you; so do not contend on behalf of the traitorous.
4:106  And seek forgiveness of God, for God is most forgiving, most merciful.
4:107  And do not argue the case of those who deceive themselves; for God does not love the treacherous and evil.
4:108  They may hide from the people, but they do not hide from God; for God is with them when they scheme in words God does not sanction. And God comprehends whatever they do.
4:114  There is no good in most of their private conferences. except those who enjoin charity or justice or reconciliation among people: and whoever does that, seeking the pleasure of God, will be given a great reward.
4:124  Anyone, male or female, who does what is good and is faithful will enter the Garden and will not be oppressed at all.
4:125  And who is better in religion than those who surrender their being to God and do good and follow the way of Abraham, seeking truth? For God took Abraham as a friend.
4:126  And to God belongs what is in the heavens and what is in the earth; and God encompasses everything.
4:152  For those who believe in God and the Envoys of God, and do not discriminate among the Envoys, their reward is imminent; for God is most forgiving, most merciful.
4:163  We have inspired you, as We inspired Noah and the prophets after him; for We inspired Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Tribes and Jesus and Job and Jonas and Aaron and Solomon; and We gave David the Book of Psalms.
4:164  And there were messengers of whom We told you before, and messengers of whom we have not told you. And God spoke directly to Moses.
4:165  There were messengers who brought glad tidings and who warned, so humanity might have no dispute against God after the messengers. And God is most mighty, most wise.
4:166  But God witnesses to having revealed to you God's revelation by divine knowledge. And the angels bear witness, though God is enough of a witness.
4:171  People of the Book, do not go to excess in your religion, and do not say of God anything but truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only an Envoy of God and a Word of God bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit from God. So believe in God and the envoys of God
4:172  The Messiah does not disdain to be a servant of God, and neither do the intimate angels. As for those who disdain the worship of God and who aggrandize themselves, God will gather all of them up.
4:173  But to those who believe and do good works God will give their rewards and even more from divine grace. And those who are disdainful and arrogant God will chastise with severe torment; and they will not find apart from God a friend or helper for them.
4:174  Humanity, there has come an evident proof from your Lord: for We have sent you a clear light.
4:175  So those who believe in God and cleave to God will God admit into mercy from God,. and grace. And God will guide them to the divine in a straight and upright way.