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5:45  It is We who sent the Torah, in it guidance and light. The prophets who surrendered to God judged by it for the Jews, and so did the rabbis and priests, since they were entrusted with the Book of God and were witnesses to it. So do not fear people, but ra
5:46  And We caused to follow after them Jesus son of Mary, confirming the truth of the Torah before him; and we gave him the Gospel, in it guidance and light, also confirming the truth of the Torah before it, as guidance and admonition for the conscientious.
5:47  And let the peop1e of the Gospel judge by what God revealed therein; and those who do not judge by that which God has revealed, they are the rebellious.
5:48  And We sent the Book to you with truth, confirming the scripture before it and safeguarding it. So judge between them by what God has revealed; and do not follow their desires away from the truth that has come to you. For every one of you We have establis
5:49  and that you should judge between them by what God has revealed, and not follow their desires; and beware of them lest they seduce you away from part of what God revealed to you. And if they turn away, know that it is just God's wish to punish them for so
5:50  So do they seek the judgment of ignorance? And who is better than God at judgment for a people who are sure?
5:54  Believers, if any of you turn back from God's religion, God will bring forth a people divinely beloved who love the Divine: humble to the believers, strong against the scorners, they will strive in the way of God without fear of the censure of critics. Th
5:55  Your friends in fact are only God and God’s Envoy, and those who believe, those who are constant in prayer and give charity, bowing to God.
5:56  And if any take for friends God and the Envoy of God as well as the believers, truly it is the followers of God who are the victorious.
5:57  Faithful believers, do not take for friends those who make of your religion mockery and sport, whether they be of those to whom the Book was given before you, or they be disbelievers. And be wary of God, if you are believers.
5:58  For when you call to prayer, they take it for mockery and sport; that is because they are a people who do not understand.
5:59  Say, “People of the Book! Do you disavow us for anything but that we believe in God and what was sent down to us and what was sent down before,. and most of you are vicious?”
5:60  Say. "Shall I inform you of something worse than that as a reward with God? Those whom God has cursed. and with whom God is angry, of whom God has made apes and swine and slaves of seducers. Theirs is an evil state. and it leads away from the right path.”
5:65  But if only people of the Book would believe and be conscientious, We would certainly erase their evils and admit them to the Garden of felicity.
5:67  Messenger, convey what is revealed to you from your Lord; for if you do not. you have not conveyed the divine message. And God will protect you from human beings; for God does not guide a people who refuse.
5:68  Say, "People of the Book, you have nothing to stand on until you practice the Torah and the Gospel and what has been sent to you all from your Lord.” But in most of them what has been sent to you from your Lord increases excess and ingratitude. So do not
5:69  Indeed, be they Muslims, Jews, Sabians, or Christians, those who believe in God and the final day and who do good have nothing to fear, and they will not grieve.
5:87  And what hinders us from believing in God and what has come to us from the Truth? For we hope that God will allow us to be with a people who are good.