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22:1  O mankind! fear your Fosterer. The quaking of the hour of doom is certainly a great thing.
22:2  The day you will see it, every mother giving suck will forget that which she suckled (i.e her child), and every pregnant woman will lay down her burden, and you will see mankind intoxicated though they will not be intoxicated, but the punishment of Allah will be severe.
22:3  And among mankind is he who disputes regarding Allah without knowledge and follows every rebellious devil.
22:4  It is written down about him (devil): whoever turns to him for friendship, he will certainly mislead him and he will guide him to the punishment of the blazing fire.
22:5  O mankind ! if you are in doubt about the resurrection, then We certainly created you from the soil, then from the sperm, then from that which clings and hangs like a leech, then from (a thing like) chewed flesh in proportion and out of proportion . (This description is given so) that We may make clear to you (the process of your birth). And We cause to stay in the wombs that which We will, till an appointed term, then We bring you out as infants, then (you grow) so as to reach your full strength (of maturity). And among you is he who is caused to die (young), and among you is he who is brought back to (that) worst part of life (i.e. old age), that (even) after having (had) knowledge, he does not know anything. And you see the earth barren, then when We send down water on it, it stirs and swells and puts forth every kind of beautiful growth.
22:6  That is because, Allah is the Reality, and it is He Who gives life to the dead and He certainly has power over everything.
22:7  And the hour of doom will come, there is no doubt about it, and Allah will certainly raise up those who are in the graves.
22:8  And among mankind is he who disputes regarding Allah without knowledge and without guidance and without a book giving light,
22:9  turning away in pride that he may mislead (people) from the way of Allah, for him is disgrace in this world and on the day of resurrection We will make him taste the punishment of burning,
22:10  that is because of what your two hands have sent before and Allah is certainly not unjust to His servants. (R 1)
22:11  And among mankind is he who serves Allah (standing) on the verge, so that, if good befalls him he is satisfied with it but if a trial afflicts him he turns away his attention (from the service of Allah). He loses this world as well as the hereafter, that is a clear loss.
22:12  Besides Allah he prays to that which neither harms him nor benefits him, that is going far astray.
22:13  He prays to him whose harm is nearer than his benefit, evil is the guardian and evil is the friend.
22:14  Allah will certainly admit those who believe and do righteous works into gardens beneath which rivers flow. Allah certainly does what He intends.
22:15  One who thinks that Allah will not help him (Muhammed) in this world and the hereafter let him stretch (himself) through (some) means to the sky, then let him cut off (the means) then let him see whether this plot of his removes that which angers him.
22:16  And thus We have sent down the (Quran containing) clear signs, and Allah certainly guides whom He intends to.
22:17  Those who believe and those who are Jews and the Sabaeans and the Christians and the Magians and those who associate partners (with Allah), Allah will certainly judge between them on the day of resurrection, Allah is certainly a Witness over everything.
22:18  Did you not consider that whoever is in the skies and whoever is in the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains and the trees and the moving creatures and many among mankind, certainly bow down to Allah (by obeying Him), and there are many on whom the punishment is due, and one whom Allah disgraces there is no one to give him honour, Allah certainly does what He wills.
22:19  These two disputants dispute regarding their Fosterer. So ( as for) those who do not believe, garments will be cut for them from fire (and) boiling water will be poured over their heads,
22:20  whereby that which is there in their stomachs and (their) skins will be melted,
22:21  and for them are whips of iron,
22:22  whenever they will intend to go out from it due to the distress, they will be returned into it, and (it will be said), "Taste the punishment of burning."
22:23  Allah will certainly admit those who believe and do righteous works into gardens beneath which rivers flow, they will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold (and) pearls and their garments therein will be of silk.
22:24  And they are guided to (that which is) pleasingly good of (all) speech and they are guided to the path of the Praised One.
22:25  Those who do not believe and turn away (people) from the way of Allah and the Sacred Mosque which We have made equal for (all) mankind, for one who resides therein and for the visitor, and whoever has the intention of perversion (and of doing) injustice therein, We will certainly make him taste a painful punishment.
22:26  And (remember) when We had assigned to Ibrahim the place of the house (Kaaba and ordered) that, you do not associate with Me anything (as partner), and clean My house for those who walk around (it) and stand and bow down prostrating (in worship),
22:27  and announce among mankind about the Hajj, they will respond to you (by) coming on foot and on every lean/ hidden (means of travel), they will come from every latitude and longitude ,
22:28  that they may witness benefits for them, and mention the name of Allah during the known days on that which He has provided to them of the herbivorous cattle, then eat from it and feed the distressed poor.
22:29  Then let them complete the rites and let them fulfill their vows and let them go round the ancient house (Kaaba),
22:30  (let it be like) that. And whoever respects the sacred things of Allah, it is better for him with his Fosterer. And the cattle are made lawful to you except that which has been read to you. So avoid the uncleanliness of the idols and avoid false speech,
22:31  being upright for Allah without associating partners with Him. And whoever associates partners with Allah, it is as if he has fallen from the sky, then the birds snatch him away or the wind drops him in a far off place.
22:32  (It is like) that. And whoever respects the symbols of Allah, then certainly this (respect) is due to restraining the hearts (from evil).
22:33  There are benefits for you in them till an appointed term, then their place of sacrifice is near the ancient house (the Kaaba).
22:34  And for every community We have appointed rites of sacrifice that they may mention the name of Allah on that which He has provided them of the herbivorous cattle. And your God is One God therefore submit to Him and convey the good news to those who humble themselves, themselves,
22:35  who fear in their hearts when Allah is mentioned and who are patient on that which afflicts them and who establish worship (salat) and spend from that which We have provided them.
22:36  And the camels for sacrifice, We have made (them) among symbols of Allah for you, there is good for you in them. So mention the name of Allah (as) they line up (for sacrifice), then when they fall down on their sides eat from them and feed the one who is content and the one who begs. Thus We have subjected them to you that you may be grateful.
22:37  Neither their flesh nor their blood reaches Allah, but it is (the feeling of His) fear in you that reaches Him. Thus He has subjected them to you that you may regard Allah Great for having guided you, and convey the good news to the doers of good.
22:38  Allah will certainly repel (the enemies) from the believers. Allah certainly does not love one who is a betrayer, ungrateful. (R 5, P 16 ¾ )
22:39  Permission (to fight) is granted to those, against whom people fight, because they have certainly been dealt with unjustly, and Allah certainly has the power over helping those
22:40  who were driven out of their houses unjustly, only because they said, "Our Fosterer is Allah." And had Allah not repelled some people by others (then) cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques wherein Allah's name is remembered much, would have surely been pulled down. And Allah will definitely help him who helps Him, Allah is certainly Strong, Mighty.
22:41  Those who, if We establish them in the earth, would establish worship (salat) and give charity (zakat) and enjoin that which is recognized (as good) and forbid that which is not recognized (as good). And it is for Allah (to decide) the results of affairs.
22:42  And if they deny you, then before them, the people of Nuh and Aad and Samood had also denied,
22:43  along with the people of Ibrahim and people of Lut
22:44  and the inhabitants of Midian. And Musa was also denied; so I gave to the infidels time (for amending themselves) then caught them. Then how was My rejection (of them)?
22:45  So how many a town did We destroy while it was unjust, so it fell down on its roofs with (many a) deserted well and lofty palace reduced in size.
22:46  Then did they not travel in the earth so as to have hearts (minds) with which they could understand or ears with which they could hear? Then certainly, the eyes are not blind but the hearts, that are in the bosoms, are blind.
22:47  And they ask you to hasten on the punishment and Allah never goes against His promise, and a day with your Fosterer is certainly like a thousand years of what you number.
22:48  And how many a town is there to which I gave time (for amendment) while it was unjust, then I caught it and towards Me is the destination.
22:49  Say, "O mankind! I am a clear warner to you.
22:50  So for those who believe and do righteous works, there is protective forgiveness and an honoured provision.
22:51  And those who strive against Our signs to defeat (them), those are the inhabitants of the hell fire."
22:52  And We did not send before you, any messenger or prophet, but when he desired (something) the devil put into his desire (some evil, as he normally does with human beings). Therefore Allah (first) wipes off that which the devil puts (into the desires of messengers and prophets and) then Allah establishes His signs (Divine communication), Allah is Knowing, Wise,
22:53  that He may make that which the devil puts in, a temptation for those in whose hearts is a disease and those whose hearts are hardened (and not for the messengers and prophets), and the unjust are certainly in deep opposition,
22:54  and that those who are given knowledge may know that the (Quran) is certainly the truth from your Fosterer (which has not been polluted in any way) so that they may believe therein and their hearts may humbly submit to Him. And Allah certainly guides those who believe, to the straight path.
22:55  And those who do not believe will not cease to be in doubt about it, till the hour of doom suddenly comes upon them or the punishment of the barren day comes upon them.
22:56  The kingdom on that day will be Allah's, He will judge between them. So those who believed and did righteous works will be in gardens of bliss.
22:57  And those who did not believe and denied Our signs, then for them there will be a disgraceful punishment.
22:58  And those who migrated in the way of Allah then were killed or died, Allah will definitely provide them a good provision and Allah is certainly the Best of providers.
22:59  He will definitely make them enter an entry, with which they will be pleased and Allah is certainly Knowing, Clement (Kind).
22:60  (It will be like) that. And one who retaliates with the like of that with which he was made to suffer, then (if) he is oppressed, Allah will definitely help him. Allah is certainly Pardoning, Protectively Forgiving.
22:61  That is because Allah makes the night to enter into the day and He makes the day to enter into the night and Allah is certainly Hearing, Seeing.
22:62  That is because Allah is the Reality and that which they call upon besides Him, that is falsehood and because Allah, He is the High, the Great.
22:63  Did you not see that Allah sends down water from the sky so the earth becomes green? Allah is certainly Subtilely Informed.
22:64  Whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth is His, and Allah is certainly the Independent, the Praised.
22:65  Did you not consider that Allah has subjected to your service that which is in the earth, and the ships sailing in the sea by His command, and He withholds the sky from falling on the earth, (the sky cannot fall down) without His permission? Allah is certainly full of pity and Merciful to mankind.
22:66  And He it is Who gave you life, then He will cause you to die, then He will (again) make you alive. Man is certainly ungrateful.
22:67  For every community We have appointed devotional rites which they are toper form, so let them not dispute with you about the affair, and invite (them) towards your Fosterer, you are certainly on right guidance.
22:68  And if they dispute with you then say, "Allah knows best about that which you all do.
22:69  Allah will judge between you on the day of resurrection concerning that wherein you used to differ.
22:70  Did you not know that Allah knows that which is in the sky and the earth, that is certainly in a record, that is certainly easy for Allah?"
22:71  And they serve (worship) besides Allah, that for which He has not sent down any authority, and that about which they have no knowledge. And for those who are unjust there will be no helpers.
22:72  And when Our clear signs are read to them you can recognize rejection in the faces of those who do not believe, (as if) they are about to attack those who read Our signs to them. Say, "Shall I inform you of (something) worse than that? The fire ! Allah has promised it for those who do not believe, and it is an evil destination."
22:73  O mankind ! a similitude is set forth, so listen to it: those whom you pray to, besides Allah, certainly cannot create a fly (even) if they all get together for it, and if the fly snatches away something from them they cannot (even) take it back from it, weak are the seeker and the sought.
22:74  They have not estimated Allah with the estimation that is due to Him, Allah is certainly Strong, Mighty.
22:75  Allah chooses messengers from among the angels and (also) from among mankind, Allah is certainly Hearing, Seeing.
22:76  He knows that which is before them and that which is behind them, and all affairs are returned to Allah.
22:77  O you who believe ! bow down and prostrate and serve (worship) your Fosterer and do good that you may be successful.
22:78  And strive in (the cause of) Allah with the striving that is due to His (cause). He has chosen you and He has not made any difficulty for you in religion, the religious dictates of your father Ibrahim, He had named you Muslims before and in this (too), that the messenger may be a witness over you ( by keeping an eye on you all) and you may be witnesses over mankind (by keeping an eye on them). So establish worship (salat) and give charity (zakat) and hold fast to Allah. He is your Guardian and an Excellent Guardian and Excellent Helper.