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82:1  When the sky is cleft asunder,
82:2  And the planets are dispersed,
82:3  And the seas are made to gush forth,
82:4  And the tombs are overturned,
82:5  Every human person will come to know what he has sent forth and left behind.
82:6  O’ man, what has deceived you into not paying attention to your duty towards your Lord, the Most Generous,
82:7  Who created you, fashioned you perfectly and gave you an upright shape?
82:8  In whatever form He wills, He assembles you.
82:9  No indeed! In fact, you persist in denying the Last Judgment.
82:10  You are truly observed by Angelic Guards,
82:11  Noble, recording everything.
82:12  They know whatever you do.
82:13  Most surely those who are Pure in Heart will be in eternal bliss,
82:14  And most surely the impious will be in Hellfire,
82:15  Burning therein on the Day of Doom.
82:16  And they shall by no means be absent from it.
82:17  And what will make you know exactly what the Day of Doom is?
82:18  And once more, what will make you know exactly what the Day of Doom is?
82:19  It is the Day when no one will be of any benefit to another as the Absolute Authority on that day belongs to Allâh.