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42:1  Ha. Mim.
42:2  ‘Ain. Sin. Qaf.
42:3  Thus He, sends inspiration unto you and unto those before you; Allah, The All-mighty, The All-wise.
42:4  For Him is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth and He it is The All-high, The All-magnificent.
42:5  The heavens well-nigh turn asunder from above them and the angels glorify the praises of their Lord and they seek forgiveness for those in the earth. Truly Allah indeed it is He The Oft-Forgiving, The Most Merciful.
42:6  And those who take allies besides Him, Allah is the keeper over them and you are not a trustee over them.
42:7  And thus have We inspired unto you a Quran in Arabic so that you warn the mother of the cities and those around it and that you warn of the day of the gathering about which there is no doubt. A party in the paradise and a party in the blazing fire.
42:8  And had Allah so pleased, He would have made them into one nation but He admits into His mercy whom He pleases and as for those who wrong their own souls, there is no ally for them nor a helper.
42:9  Or is it that they have taken allies besides Him? Indeed Allah is He who is The Ally and it is He who brings the dead to life and it is He who has power over everything.
42:10  And whatever it is in which you disagree, the decision thereof is unto Allah. That is Allah my Lord, in Him do I put my trust and unto Him do I turn back.
42:11  Originator of the heavens and of the earth. He has made for you pairs from yourselves and pairs from the cattle. Through it He multiplies you. There is nothing like Him and He is The All-hearing, The All-seeing.
42:12  For Him are the keys of the heavens and of the earth. He widens the sustenance for whom He pleases and He constricts [it for whom He pleases]. Truly He is All-knowing about everything.
42:13  He has instituted for you from the religion that which He had enjoined to Noah and that which We have inspired unto you and that which We had enjoined to Abraham and Moses and Jesus saying, “Establish the religion and do not be divided in it.” It seems exorbitant to those who ascribe partners to Allah that which you call them unto. Allah chooses unto Himself whom He pleases and guides unto Himself who turns back [to Him].
42:14  And they were not divided except after that the knowledge had come to them due to their mutual begrudging. And had it not been for a word that had gone forth from your Lord till an appointed term, the matter would have been decreed among them. And truly those who are made to inherit the book after them are surely in doubtful incredulity about it.
42:15  Therefore do call unto that and stand upright as you have been commanded and do not follow their vain desires and say, “I believe in all books that Allah has sent down and I have been commanded that I should be just between you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. For us are our deeds and for you your deeds. There is no recrimination between us and you. Allah will gather us altogether and unto Him is the place of final coming.”
42:16  But those who continue to dispute about Allah after that people have responded to Him, their proof is refutable in the eyes of their Lord and anger is upon them and for them is a formidable punishment.
42:17  Allah it is He who has sent down the book by the truth and [sent] the balance and for all that you know perhaps the hour is well close.
42:18  Those who do not believe in it, ask for it to be hastened and those who believe [in it] are solicitous over it, for they know that it is the truth. Truly indeed those who dispute about the hour are surely in a misguidance far removed.
42:19  Subtle [in His mercy] is Allah to His slaves, He provides sustenance to whom He pleases and He is The All-strong, The All-mighty.
42:20  And he who wants the harvest of the hereafter, We give him increase in his harvest and he who wants the harvest of this world, We will give him from it but he will have no share in the hereafter.
42:21  Or is it that they have ascribed partners to Allah who have instituted for them something of the religion for which Allah has not given permission and had it not been for the word of final judgment, truly the matter would have been decreed between them and truly for the wrongdoers there will be a painful punishment.
42:22  You will see those who wrong their own souls solicitous over that which they have perpetrated but it is going to fall on them. As for those who believed and did righteous deeds, they will be in lush gardens of the paradise. There will be for them all that they pleased in the presence of their Lord. That it is the most great favor.
42:23  That is what Allah brings glad tidings of to His slaves who believe and do righteous deeds. Say, “I ask from you no reward for it except the affection in the kinship.” and whosoever does an excellent deed, We will add excellence for him in it. Truly Allah is Oft-Forgiving, All-grateful.
42:24  Or is it that they say that he has contrived a lie against Allah but had Allah pleased, He would put a seal on your heart. And Allah erases the falsehood and makes the truth come true through His words. Truly, He is All-knowing about the essence of the bosoms.
42:25  He it is who accepts the repentance from His servants and who pardons the evil deeds and who knows all that you do.
42:26  And He responds to those who believe and do righteous deeds and He gives them increase from His favor and as for the disbelievers, there would be for them a formidable punishment.
42:27  And if Allah were to open wide the sustenance for His slaves, they would surely seek corruption in the earth but He sends down in due measure what He pleases. Truly He is All-acquainted, All-seeing about His slaves.
42:28  And He it is who sends down the rain after that they had lost hope and He spreads His mercy and He it is The Ally, The All-praiseworthy.
42:29  And among His signs are the creation of the heavens and of the earth and of all the creatures that He has scattered in them and He it is who is All-powerful to gather them whenever He pleases.
42:30  And whatever calamity befalls you surely it is because of what your hands have perpetrated although He pardons a lot of it.
42:31  And you are not going to be out of reach in the earth and there is no one for you besides Allah as an ally or as a helper.
42:32  And among His signs are the ships in the ocean towering like mountains.
42:33  If He pleases, He can cause the wind to be still so that they [the ships] remain stagnant on its surface. Truly in that are surely signs for any who is full of patience and full of gratitude.
42:34  Or He can cause them to perish because of all that they have perpetrated although He does pardon a lot of it.
42:35  And so that they know those who argue about Our signs that there is no escape for them.
42:36  Whatever is given to you from anything, it is but a temporary enjoyment of the life of this world and what is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and who put their trust in their Lord.
42:37  And those who keep away from major sins and from offences and when they are angry, they forgive.
42:38  And those who respond to their Lord and establish regular prayer and their affair is shared among them and those who spend from what We have provided them with.
42:39  And those who when they are trespassed against, they resist [the trespassing].
42:40  And the price for ill is ill like unto it but one who pardons and amends, indeed his reward is upon Allah. Truly He does not love the wrongdoers.
42:41  And surely whoever makes resistance for himself after wrong has been done to him, for those indeed there is no way against them.
42:42  The way is only against those who wrong the people and who seek to trespass in the earth without the truth. Truly those for them there will be a painful punishment.
42:43  And truly one who exercises patience and forgives, that indeed is surely among the most resolute affairs.
42:44  And whosoever Allah causes to go astray, there is no ally for him after Him. And you will see the wrongdoers when they see the punishment they will say, “Is there any way of returning?”
42:45  And you will see them as they are exposed unto it that they are humbled from humiliation looking with stealth glances. And those who believed will say, “Truly the ones in loss on the day of resurrection will be those who have put their own souls and their families in loss.” Truly the wrongdoers will be in a most enduring punishment.
42:46  And there will be no allies for them to help them other than Allah and whoever Allah causes to go astray, for him there will be no way.
42:47  Respond to your Lord before comes a day from Allah that cannot be turned back. There will be no place of refuge for you on that day and there will be no chance of denial for you.
42:48  But if they turn away, surely We have not sent you as a keeper over them. All that is on you is but the clear deliverance [of the message]. And when We indeed give the human being a taste of a mercy from Us, he exults in it. But when ill befalls them because of that which their hands have sent forth, then truly the human being is full of ingratitude.
42:49  For Allah is the dominion of the heavens and of the earth. He creates what He pleases. He gifts females to whom He pleases and He gives the males to whom He pleases.
42:50  Or He gives them in pairs of males and females and He makes barren whom He pleases. Truly He is All-knowing, All-powerful.
42:51  And it is not fitting for a human that Allah should speak to him [directly] except as an inspiration or from behind a veil or that He sends a messenger to inspire by His leave what He pleases. Truly He is All-high, All-wise.
42:52  And thus We have inspired unto you a spirit from Our commandment. You never knew before what was the book or what was the faith but We have made it a light We guide by it whom We please from Our servants and truly you do guide to a path most upright,
42:53  to the path of Allah for whom is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth and truly unto Allah end all the affairs.