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34:1  All praise is due to Allâh, Whose is whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth. His is the praise in the Hereafter. And He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.
34:2  He has full knowledge of whatever goes down into the earth and whatever comes out of it, and whatever comes down from the sky and whatever ascends to it. He is the Most Merciful, the Oft-Forgiving.
34:3  And those who have no tendency to Yield to the Truth say: “The Hour will never come to us. Say: By my Lord, yes, It is definitely coming to you. By Him Who has the full knowledge of (the world of) unseen not, even a weight of an atom in the heaven or on the earth would escape Him, neither is there less than that nor greater but all is in a Perfect Book.
34:4  He will reward those who live by Faith and strive to do righteous acts. These are the ones who will receive Forgiveness and an abundant provision.
34:5  But those who strive to refute What We have revealed of the Knowledge of the Truth are the ones who will be subjected to a severely painful punishment.
34:6  And those who have spiritual gift of knowledge will see that the Qur’ān that has been revealed to you from your Lord is the (Full Knowledge of) Truth, and that It leads to the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy.
34:7  Those who have no tendency to Yield to the Truth say: “Shall we show you a man who claims that when you have been utterly disintegrated to dust, you will be raised as a new creation?”
34:8  Has he attributed falsehood to Allâh, or is he possessed?”. In fact, those who don’t acknowledge the existence of the Hereafter are doomed to punishment; and they have been deceived into going far away (from the truth).
34:9  Have they not noticed what lies before them and what lies behind them of the sky and earth? If We will, We can make the earth to swallow them, or cause lumps from the sky to fall upon them. Most certainly there is a Sign for every penitent servant.
34:10  And We certainly bestowed on David a grace from Us, (saying): “O’ mountains and you birds, sing hymns to Allâh”. And We caused the iron to be pliable for him,
34:11  (Commanding him): “Make full-length coats of mail and measure their rings precisely and with attention. And strive to do righteousness, (you and your household). Indeed, I am All-Seer of whatever you do".
34:12  And to Solomon, (We made) the wind (subservient): Its morning course covered a distance of one month's journey, and its evening course one month's journey. We made a stream of molten brass to flow for him. Of the jinn, some worked before him by the command of his Lord. Whoever of them turned aside from Our command, We made him to taste of the chastisement of the Blazing Fire.
34:13  They made for him whatever he wished: Synagogues, statues, bowls like reservoirs and fixed cooking-pots. (And We Said): ‘Work, O', House of David, (faithfully) and show gratitude (to to Allâh)”. Yet very few of My servants are grateful.
34:14  Then, when We decreed death for Solomon, nothing informed the jinn of his death except for a tiny worm of the earth that was (gradually) gnawing away at his staff. Consequently, when he fell down, it became obvious to them: Had they known the (secrets of) unseen, they would not have stayed in such a humiliating torment.
34:15  Verily, there was an irrefutable Sign for (the people of) Sheba in their dwelling place: Two gardens on the right and the left. (They were told): “Eat of the sustenance of your Lord and express your gratitude to Him: Arable land and Oft-Forgiving Lord”.
34:16  But they turned aside, so We unleashed upon them a rushing torrent (that devastated their two gardens). And We gave them, in place of their gardens, two gardens yielding bitter fruit, tamarisks and something from scattered lote- trees.
34:17  This is how We chastised them for their ingratitude. Have We ever chastised anyone except the one who is ingrate?
34:18  We placed between them and the towns which We had blessed, conspicuous villages, and We made the stage between them easy, (saying): "Travel in them safely both by night and day".
34:19  But they said: “Our Lord, make the stages between our journeys longer." They were unfair to their own selves (when voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims), and so We made them as stories, and tore them completely into pieces. Most surely there are Signs in this for every forbearing, grateful.
34:20  And verily Iblīs proved true his speculation about them. So they yielded to his temptation, except for a party of believers (of unfeigned faith).
34:21  Yet he had no authority over them, except that We would identify the one who acknowledged the existence of the Hereafter from the one who harbored doubts about it. And Your Lord is the Preserver of all things.
34:22  Say: "Call upon those whom you have asserted, other than Allâh: They possess nothing, not even a weight of an atom either in the heavens or on the earth, nor do they have any share therein, nor does He receive any assistance from them”.
34:23  Intercession avails nothing with Him (on the Day of Judgment), except that of those to whom He gives authorization. Consequently, when the apprehension (of Day of Reckoning) has departed their hearts, they will ask one another, "What is it that your Lord has just said?" "The Truth," they will answer. "For He is the All-High, the All-Great ".
34:24  Say: "Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? Say: “It is Allâh alone! Verily, we or you are either on the path of truth or in utter deception".
34:25  Say: "You won’t be questioned about the iniquitous deeds we committed, nor shall we be questioned about what you do".
34:26  Say: "Our Lord will gather us all together, then He will judge between us equitably. And He is the Perfect Judge, the All-Knowing”.
34:27  Say: ”Show me those whom you have joined with Him as associates: No indeed! In fact, He is Allâh, the Almighty, the All-Wise."
34:28  We have not sent you but as a (Messenger) to the whole of mankind, giving them glad tidings (of how to attain salvation), and sufficient warning (about how to avoid Hellfire). Yet most of the people do lack the knowledge (of this truth).
34:29  They say: "When will this promise (be fulfilled ) if you are truthful?"
34:30  Say: ”You have a predetermined day, which you can neither delay nor hasten by a single hour ”.
34:31  And those persistently refused to yield to the Truth said: “We pledge not to give credence to this Qur’ān or to that which was before it." However, if you could see, when those who have voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims are made to stand before their Lord, how they will cast blame on each other; and how those who were deemed weak say to their arrogant masters: "Had it not been for you, we would have lived a life of Genuine Faith."
34:32  Then, those arrogant masters will say to those who were deemed weak: “Did we really prevent you from yielding to the Truth after it had been revealed to you? No, indeed; you yourselves were Ungodly Sinners.”
34:33  Those who were deemed weak will say to the arrogant masters: ”Nay, but it was your evil scheming by night and day when you used to instruct us to deny the Oneness of Allâh and to set up rivals to Him!" Nevertheless, they will conceal their compunction when they behold the chastisement. And We will put shackles around the necks of those who deny the Oneness of Allâh. Are they chastised aught except for what they were inclined to do?
34:34  And whenever We sent a Messenger to a town to admonish (its inhabitants) , the wealthy ones therein said: “Indeed, we pledge not to give credence to (this nonsense message) with which you have been sent.”
34:35  They added: "We are more abundant in wealth and children. (Above all), we are not going to be punished."
34:36  Say: “My Lord extends and straitens His provision for whom He wills. But most of the people do lack the knowledge (of this truth)."
34:37  It is neither your wealth nor your children that will bring you nearer to Us in rank. Only those who live by Faith and strive to do righteous work will have a multiplied reward for what they were inclined to do and will live peacefully in lofty champers (in Paradise).
34:38  But those who strive to refute What We revealed of the Knowledge of the Truth will be brought to the punishment.
34:39  Say: “My Lord extends and straitens His provision for whom He wills of His servants. And whatever you expend He will replace it. And He is the Best of Providers".
34:40  And (mention) on the day when He will gather them all together, He will say to the Angels: "Was it you that these people used to worship?"
34:41  They will reply: "Glory Be To You”. You are our Guardian, not they. In Fact, they were inclined to worship the jinn: most of them yielded to their (temptation)."
34:42  So, today none of you will have the power to avail or hurt one another. And We will say to those who have voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims: "Taste now the chastisement of the Fire which you persistently denied (in the worldly life).
34:43  And when Our Verses are recited to them as conclusive evidence, they say: “This is naught but a man who seeks to turn you away from what your forefathers were inclined to worship." And they say: “This is only an invented lie.” And those who live in spiritual darkness say of the Truth when it has been revealed to them: “This is nothing more than a manifest sorcery."
34:44  Yet We have not given them any books which they read, nor did We send to them before you a Messenger to admonish them.
34:45  And those who were before them (also) denied (the Truth); and these- (Pagan Arabs)- have not yet accomplished a tenth of that which We conferred on them. But they were inclined to deny My Apostles. And how dreadful was My condemnation!
34:46  Say: "I exhort you to do only one thing: Stand up before Allâh either in pairs or singly, then think deeply: there is no madness in your companion. He is just a Messenger sent to you in order to admonish you before the befalling of a severe punishment (if you continue to deny the Oneness of Allâh).”
34:47  Say: “Whatever reward I have asked of you, keep it for yourselves. Most surely my reward lies only with Allâh, and He is Witness over all things.”
34:48  Say: “My Lord flings open the doors of Truth. He has full knowledge of (the secrets of) unseen.”
34:49  Say: "The (Full Knowledge of)Truth has been revealed. Thus, falsehood has utterly vanished and will never return.
34:50  Say: “If I deviate (from the path of truth), the sin of my deviation shall be held against me. And if I am on the right path, it is because of that which my Lord has revealed to me (of the Qur’ān). Most surely He is All-hearing, Ever-Nigh.”
34:51  If you could only see (the impious) when they are stricken with terror (on the Resurrection Day), there will be no escape for them, and they will be seized from a nearby place.
34:52  And they will then say: "We do now adhere to Faith. But how can they possibly adhere to Faith from a place so far-off .
34:53  When they had already rejected it before? And they throw guesses at the Unseen from a far-off place.
34:54  And a barrier will be set between them and what they desire, just as was done with their adherents aforetime. Verily, they were all in disquieting doubt.