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32:1  Alif Lam Meem
32:2  The revelation of the Book free from any doubt, is from the Lord of the worlds.
32:3  They say: “Muhammad has made it up”? On the contrary, it is the truth from your Lord, revealed to you to warn a people to whom no warner has come before you, so they may be guided.
32:4  Allah created the Heavens and the Earth and what’s between them in six days, and then established Himself upon the Throne. You have no helper or intercessor beside Him. Will you not pay attention
32:5  He oversees the running of everything from the sky to the Earth, which will then go up to Him on a Day whose extent shall be like a thousand years by your counting.
32:6  Such is the Knower of the seen and the unseen realms, the Almighty, the Caring,
32:7  He created everything perfectly; He began the creation of the first human from clay,
32:8  and then made his offspring from a drop of semen.
32:9  Then He gave Adam his form, and blew into him of His spirit; and gave you hearing, sight and awareness. Little do you thank
32:10  The disbelievers say: “How is it possible when we have decomposed in the Earth, we shall be created anew?” They are in denial of meeting their Lord.
32:11  Say: “The angel of death assigned to you will take your soul, and you will be returned to your Lord.”
32:12  If only you could see the evildoers bowing their heads before their Lord and saying: “Our Lord, we’ve seen and heard the truth, let us go back to the world and we shall do good deeds; we are convinced now.”
32:13  If We had so wished, We could have given every person guidance; but My declaration will be fulfilled: “I will fill Hell with jinn and humans,
32:14  so taste the punishment, because you ignored the coming of this Day. We shall now ignore you. Taste this everlasting torment for what you did.
32:15  When some people are reminded of Our signs they believe and fall in prostration, glorify and praise their Lord, and aren’t arrogant.
32:16  They drag themselves out of bed to worship their Lord, with fear and hope, and they spend in charity from what We provided them.
32:17  No one knows what blissful delights have been set aside for them as a reward for what they did.
32:18  So, can a believer be compared to a sinner? They aren’t equal.
32:19  Those who believed and were righteous shall be in the gardens of Mawa, hospitality for what they did
32:20  The major sinners will have a home, the Fire; and every time they try to escape it, they will be thrown back, and told: “Taste the torment of the Fire you denied.”
32:21  We’ll make them taste the lesser torment in this life, and the greater torment in the Hereafter, so they may return to the straight path.
32:22  Who can do himself greater wrong than the one who is reminded of his Lord’s verses and turns his back on them. We shall punish the evildoers
32:23  We gave Musa the Book; don’t doubt receiving it; and We made it a guide for the Israelites.
32:24  Some of them We made leaders, guiding others patiently with Our Command; and they were convinced of Our signs.
32:25  Your Lord will judge between them on Judgement Day concerning what they differed about.
32:26  How many generations before them We destroyed in whose former homes they walk, isn’t there a lesson for them? In that are signs. So why don’t they listen?
32:27  Haven’t they considered how We move the clouds towards dry land, thereby producing crops from which they and their livestock eat? Have they no insight
32:28  They say, “When will this judgement come to pass, if you are telling the truth?”
32:29  Say: “On Decision Day, their new-found faith will not benefit the disbelievers, nor will they be given time to repent.”
32:30  So take no notice of them; wait, as they are waiting