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83:1  Woe to the defrauders.
83:2  Those who, if they measure volume against the people, they fulfill.
83:3  And if they measure volume or weight for them, they cause loss.
83:4  Do those not assume that they will be raised up (Resurrected)?
83:5  For a Great Day?
83:6  A Day when the people will stand for The Worlds' Lord?
83:7  Nay. Surely the lechers’ book is in Sijjeen.
83:8  And what cognizes you, what Sijjeen is?
83:9  A digital book.
83:10  Woe on that Day for the falsifiers.
83:11  Those who falsified, by The Religion Day.
83:12  And none falsified with it except every sinful aggressor.
83:13  When Our verses are recited upon him, he said, “The formers’ Legends.”
83:14  Nay, but it has rusted over their cores what they were earning.
83:15  Nay, surely on that Day, they will be veiled from their Lord.
83:16  Then they will be flamed within The Hellfire.
83:17  Then, it will be said, “This is what you falsified by.”
83:18  Nay surely; the devotees’ book is in Illiyeen.
83:19  And what cognizes you, what Illiyyoon is?
83:20  A digital book.
83:21  Witness it the near ones.
83:22  Surely, the devotees will be in bliss.
83:23  On couches, they look.
83:24  You will recognize in their faces the bliss’ radiance.
83:25  They will be watering from a sealed nectar.
83:26  Whose sealing is musk and in that let the competitors should compete for.
83:27  And its mixture is from Tasneem.
83:28  A spring from which those near ones are drinking.
83:29  Surely those who were criminalized from those who believed were laughing.
83:30  And when they passed by them, they were winking.
83:31  And if they overturned toward their families, they overturned, rejoicing.
83:32  And if they saw them, they said, “Surely these people are strayers.”
83:33  And they were not sent over them, keepers.
83:34  So today, those who believed from the infidels are laughing.
83:35  On the couches, they look.
83:36  Have the infidels been rewarded for what they were doing?