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84:1  When the sky was splitting.
84:2  And listened to its Lord, and it must be obligated.
84:3  And when the earth has been expanded.
84:4  And threw out what was within it, and relinquished.
84:5  And listened to its Lord, and it must be obligated.
84:6  O the human! Surely you are laboring towards your Lord laboriously, so you will meet Him.
84:7  So, as for whoever is given his book with his right hand.
84:8  So, he will be reckoned, an easy reckoning.
84:9  And he will overturn toward his family happily.
84:10  But as for whoever is given his book behind his back.
84:11  So he will call for perish.
84:12  And will be heated by a Blaze fire.
84:13  Surely, he was happy within his family.
84:14  He assumed he would never revert.
84:15  Yes, surely his Lord was with him, a Seer.
84:16  So, no, I swear by the twilight glow.
84:17  And by the night, and what it enshrouded.
84:18  And by the moon, when it is at full.
84:19  You shall surely ride layer over layer.
84:20  So what is with them, they do not believe?
84:21  And if the Quran is read upon them, they are not prostrated? ۩
84:22  Nay, but those who disbelieved are falsifying.
84:23  And Allah is knower with what they hide (inside themselves).
84:24  So preach them with a painful torment.
84:25  Except those who believed and worked the righteous deeds; for them is an uninterrupted Wage.