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82:1  When the sky clefted.
82:2  And when the planets scattered.
82:3  And when the seas burst.
82:4  And when the graves shattered.
82:5  A soul knew what it had forwarded, and delayed.
82:6  O the human! What deluded you with your Lord, Al-Kareem (The Generous)?
82:7  The one Who created you, so He normalized you, so He upgraded you?
82:8  In whatever shape He willed, He assembled you.
82:9  Nay, but you are falsifying, by religion.
82:10  And surely over you are keepers (Angels).
82:11  Honorable writers.
82:12  They know what you are doing.
82:13  Surely the devotees will be in bliss.
82:14  And surely the lecherous ones will be in Hellfire.
82:15  They will be heated into it on The Religion Day (Debt).
82:16  And they will not be absentees from it.
82:17  And what cognizes you of what is The Religion Day?
82:18  Then, what cognizes you of what is The Religion Day?
82:19  A Day when no soul will own for a soul of a thing; and the matter on that Day is for Allah.