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81:1  When the sun be folded up and so darkened
81:2  And when the stars are obscured
81:3  And when the mountains are made to pass away
81:4  And when the excellent she-camels will be discarded
81:5  And when the wild beast will be herded together
81:6  And when the rivers will be drained away
81:7  And when (various) people will be united together
81:8  And when the girl-child who is buried alive will be questioned about
81:9  For what offence was she killed
81:10  And when books and papers will be spread abroad
81:11  And when the heights will be discovered
81:12  And when the Hell-Fire will be set ablaze
81:13  And when the Paradise will be brought near
81:14  Every soul will know then what (store of deeds) it has brought forward
81:15  Nay, I call to witness those (planets) that recede while advancing in one direction
81:16  Those (planets) that continue their forward course (along their orbits) and then disappear
81:17  And (I call to witness) the night when its darkness begins to depart
81:18  And the dawn as it begins to breathe (and brightens up)
81:19  That verily this (Qur'an) is indeed the word (revealed to and) uttered by a noble (and illustrious) Messenger (- Muhammad)
81:20  Possessor of power, occupying a (glorious) secure position with the Lord of the Throne
81:21  Who is entitled to be obeyed and who is here also known as trust-worthy
81:22  And that this compatriot of yours (-Muhammad) is not at all mad
81:23  And he has most surely seen himself (shining in the resplendence of his own light) in the clear horizon (- in the remotest corners of the world)
81:24  And he is not at all niggardly, nor a forgerer in disclosing the hidden realties
81:25  Nor is this (Qur'an) the word of satan who is driven away (from divine presence)
81:26  Where do you wander to (leaving this Qur'an and the Messenger aside)
81:27  This is but a means to rise to eminence for all people
81:28  For such of you who wish to walk straight (to attain eminence)
81:29  And you should not desire (otherwise) except that which Allah the Lord of the worlds desires (for you)