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82:1  When the sky will be cleft asunder
82:2  And when the planets will become dispersed
82:3  And when the rivers are widely split up and made to flow forth (into canals)
82:4  And when the graves will be laid open
82:5  Every person shall know (then) what (evil) actions (which he should not have done) he has committed, and what (good actions he should have done) he has omitted
82:6  O (ungrateful) human being! what has enticed you away from your Lord, the Honoured One
82:7  Who created you, then perfected you (with wisdom), then endowed you with great natural powers and faculties
82:8  And He fashioned you in whatever form it pleased Him
82:9  Surely, (it is) not at all (as you think), the truth is that you treat the Requital as a lie
82:10  Verily, there are (appointed) guardians over you
82:11  Noble (angel) recorders (of your commissions and omissions)
82:12  Who know (all) that you do
82:13  The virtuous shall invariably be in (a state of) bliss
82:14  But the wicked shall, of course, be in the flaming Fire
82:15  They will enter therein on the Day of Requital
82:16  And they shall not at all (be able to) keep themselves away (by escaping) from it
82:17  What should make you know what the Day of Requital is
82:18  Again (We repeat) how can you know what the Day of Requital is
82:19  (It is) the day when no person shall be able to do anything for another! On that day the (absolute) Judgment of every sort shall entirely belong to Allah